Stormy Morning in Bed

My phone alerted me at around 7:30 this morning that a storm was coming. I guess the dog knew already since she’d had me up at 7 to go out. By 8:15 I heard the rumbling. Lion said I slept through some very loud booms. It’s too bad. I love thunderstorms. We listened to the storm for a bit and then we both fell back to sleep. The next thing I knew, it was after 9 and then we both woke up somewhere around 11.

I’m glad we got extra sleep. Obviously we needed it. Sometimes we just need a lazy Saturday, or Sunday to recharge our batteries. I was so tired I think that affected my ability to mow the lawn yesterday. I only got the front done and somehow I managed to lose the gas cap along the way. It’s probably somewhere obvious, but my exhaustion wouldn’t allow me to see it. We ordered another one and I’m sure the original will show up as soon as the new one gets here. My father’s Yankee ingenuity helped me fashion an impromptu cap out of plastic wrap and a hair tie.

When I mentioned mowing the lawn, Lion said I shouldn’t. I knew rain was coming and I wanted to be one step ahead of it. It needs to be done and I’m the one who needs to do it. His argument against it was that it takes so much out of me. This is code for my lack of energy for sex later on. It always bothers me when he says things like that. I have a chore that I’d really rather not do because it does wipe me out and makes me sore, but I have to do it and he’s worried about sex. He’ll say he doesn’t want me to be sore because he doesn’t want me to be sore, but the underlying reason is there. [Lion — I wasn’t thinking about sex. I didn’t want Mrs. Lion to be uncomfortable.]

By the time I dragged myself out to do the dishes from dinner, put away some packages that were delivered, and took my shower, it was already 8:30. The later it gets, the less likely it is that Lion will be available for play. He snoozed while I let my hair dry a little bit. I brought over the Box O’Fun and Lion made his choice. Ironically, it was spanking. Oops. He’d just had a punishment spanking and he was still feeling a little sore. I suppose I could have allowed him to choose again, but we haven’t really had this situation before so we continued on. I don’t think I anticipated his getting in the punishment position. He’s always just rolled over on the bed for a play spanking. There was nothing wrong with his position. I guess maybe it affected me more than him.

It’s been a long time since I’ve wailed away on him with my bare hands. I have to say, it was uncomfortable. My palms were stinging and I hadn’t even really gotten up to full force yet. I used a few implements on him to save my hands, but I should be able to spank harder and longer with my hands. I think I’ve done myself a disservice by picking spanking for punishment. I’m way out of practice with play spanking. We’ll have to figure out a way to rectify that situation that doesn’t get in the way of punishment spankings.

The thought that occurred to me as I was spanking him, other than my stinging hands, is that he wasn’t really able to enjoy a play spanking so close to a punishment spanking and maybe I need to put a “Do-over” card or two in the Box o’Fun. If he pulls one of those cards, he can redeem it for a different pick. It can be sort of a get out of jail card. If he has a “Do-over” card he can trade Velcro for another chance at something else. Theoretically, he runs the risk of picking the same thing again, or he can get something equally as distasteful to him. (I mistyped “distasteful” as “disteasteful” which sounds like a word Lion would coin) The “Do-over” card would have no expiration date and could be used for any card in the Box o’Fun. Obviously, he can’t get out of a punishment. I think it’s a good idea to give him some say in our play. If he knows he won’t enjoy a play spanking, why do it?

Another way I could give him a do-over is to reward him for the good things he does. I’ve struggled to find rewards for him so maybe that’s the answer. If I give him that as a reward he wouldn’t be at the mercy of the Box o’Fun. I think I just talked myself into it. A reward it is!


  1. I think the Do-Over card is a great idea! Perhaps Lion should be issued a card at each beginning of the Box-O-Fun, with maybe one more in the box. Otherwise, chance working out the way it often seems to, the Do-Over card(s) might be the last one picked, which sort of negates the purpose. Either way, the number of Do-Overs should be strictly limited, I think – one for every 30 other cards or so seems about right to me. (Hmmm – a deck of cards has two jokers – that’s about the same ratio…)

    I’ve noticed in your documented conversations – and internal musings – that Mrs. Lion sometimes appears to project a thought or emotion on to Lion, based upon previous experiences. Sometimes she’s correct, and often these are the subtle cues that long-times couples use to speed or ease communication. However, I think it’s important to remember that males are stereo-typically simple creatures when it comes to interpersonal communications, and frequently “I’d like an apple” means just that, and nothing more.

    My wife does this to me sometimes, and when she finally gets around to explaining why she’s upset, I’m often completely flummoxed, because I had no idea at all that any sub-text was going on. Explaining this typically doesn’t immediately defuse the situation – it’s sort of akin to saying “Calm down”, which of course never works (on anybody). Once the chemicals dissipate after ten minutes or so, we can both have a little laugh about it (somewhat cautiously on my part…).

    1. There is no doubt that I am a much more simple and direct creature. I suppose it’s a attribute of having a penis. Mrs. Lion rarely reacts negatively even when she writes about things she imputes I’m thinking. Usually, if you make the simplest assumptions about what I’m thinking you will be right.

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