This Time I’m Sure

This morning I dragged myself out of bed (neither of us slept well) to make breakfast. I noticed last night Lion hadn’t set up the coffee pot, but he fooled me the other morning so I didn’t get ahead of myself this time. However, the coffee pot was in pieces in the dish drainer just as it had been the night before. I wonder if he does it when I’m tired so I won’t want to punish him.

When I brought breakfast into the bedroom, I told him he forgot. He said he thought he might have but he convinced himself he’d done it. It’s easy enough to do. One day blends into the next when you’re not working. Even if you are working, it can. I never know what day it is or if I did something today or yesterday or maybe it was even last week. I understand it. That doesn’t mean I forgive it. He’s well enough now to be punished. He wanted pizza last night. If he wants pizza, he can handle a spanking.

On the other hand, his cramps were back after dinner and we had nothing as exotic as pizza. It was chicken with balsamic cherry sauce, roasted carrots and couscous. I know the balsamic cherry sauce might have done him in, but I don’t think it was as bad as pizza. We decided to put pizza off till tonight but I’m wondering if it’s still too much for him. I’m sure he’s getting tired of eating “safe” things, but I’m in caretaker mode and I want to make sure he gets better.

Regardless of evening cramping, he will get his punishment today. I might do it earlier to avoid conflict with stomach pain. I didn’t do it immediately because we were both struggling to wake up, although that definitely would have woken him up. I also needed to get to my desk to start working. I know, five minutes worth of swatting wouldn’t have delayed me too much. I just wasn’t in the mindset to give him swats at 8 am.

Whether we get pizza tonight or not, he’ll probably have cramps again. I don’t think he’s as well as he’d like to think he is. I wish there was more I could do to help. For all I know, punishing him is helping. If nothing else, it signals a return to normal.

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