The lab results on my stool sample are in. No parasites and no bacterial infection was found. My doctor believes that means it’s a viral infection. If he’s right, I should be getting better this weekend. Otherwise, I will have to get a colonoscopy. Oh well. Enough with the health chat. Both of us have been sleeping a lot more lately. We both take naps at various times of the day. I suspect it’s the stress we are under. Mrs. Lion is feeling that she has too much to do. I wish I could do more to help.

I may be getting a little better. My thoughts turned to sex from time to time and my penis has gotten a little harder than usual. Both are good signs. The problem I have is restricted to the late afternoon and night time. If I’m not actually feeling crampy, I feel good enough to do most everything else I would normally do. Maybe it’s time for Mrs. Lion to do her own little lab work to find out if I’m better. I’m not suggesting the promised bondage and blow job. That’s probably too much. Just a little warm-up to make sure the equipment is functional.

I’m glad Mrs. Lion has noticed that I’m working hard to follow my rules. I do want to be successful. I never consciously try to be bratty and break a rule. I know that would be no fun for her and would be extremely uncomfortable for me. I’m not looking for more discomfort.

We had some of the leftover chicken soup for dinner Friday night. It really hit the spot. The only problem is that every week we get a bunch of meals from Hello Fresh and lately we haven’t been using them all. Since they’re expensive, I feel badly that we are wasting that money. Unless we need to have something very simple because one of us isn’t feeling well, we don’t have the ingredients on hand to make much else. We have a fully stocked freezer and can probably extract a menu from it. But we frequently lack things like fresh vegetables, which we don’t have to buy by taking our meals from Hello Fresh.

Also, the prepacked ingredient meals start tasting alike after a while. I guess it’s a little like going to the same restaurant every night. There may be a lot of stuff on the menu, but the chef is the same and his dishes all taste alike to some extent. We’ve tried another service and weren’t very happy with it. The other one tends to just ship a protein and a starch. They never included a vegetable or salad. I guess we’ll have to go hunting again.

After dinner last night Mrs. Lion tried a little test drive. She played with my penis with her hand and then with her mouth. I got a little excited but didn’t get a full erection. My stomach is definitely better. I got through the entire day and evening without more cramps. I had a full dinner and it stayed where it belonged. I’m hoping my libido will return as well. Maybe we can try another test drive later today.