On the Mend? Maybe

Lion has been thinking about sex. That’s one step closer to things getting back to normal around here. He still had cramps last night. He’s been running a bit this morning too. Oh well. At least his mind is willing.

I’ve been tired for a few days. Last night I was making a mental list of all the things I need to take care of this weekend. It’s raining off and on so that crosses mowing the lawn off the list. But the dryer has been throwing out a lint warning so I’ll need to clean the whole vent out. This morning I was fantasizing about taking a day off. I haven’t laid around the house for a while. There’s always something to do and now that I’m back to work, I have less time to do it. The weekends are back to being chore time. No day off for me.

With Lion not feeling well, things have gotten more out of routine than usual. He’s been snoozing more. I don’t know if that is because of not feeling well or because of not working. Even though I’m working again, I’m working from home so that’s not normal at all either. I think if we can just get beyond his illness, things will go back to normal. More correctly, the normal that is COVID-19. He’ll still be furloughed. I’ll still be working from home, as long as my office will let me.

Lion is still following his rules. Even the day I told him if he couldn’t put the coffee pot together it was my fault since I’d put it in the dishwasher, he still did it. He’s been waiting for me to eat first. He’s been remembering punishment days. He’s interrupted a few times, but nothing that really warranted punishment. He’s been a good boy. Now, if I can just get him back to being a horny boy, all will be right with our world.


  1. You don’t believe in this virus do you? Its nothing more than the flu. Its just another attempt by the demonocrats to get rid of President Trump, A rigged election didn;t work. Fake news didn’t work. Mueller’s debacle was a farce, and the Ukraine fiasco blew up in their faces, so now they’re going to try this Wuhan flu, All in an effort to bring down what history will deem as one of the greatest Presidencies in the thw

    1. What a wonderful sense of humor!!! I love parady.

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