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I am sorry to say that my problems continue. Mrs. Lion helped me collect and properly package a stool specimen. She did the actual work. Then she brought it to the doctor’s office and made a shopping trip to pick up the ingredients to make chicken soup. The soup is cooking now. I’m very grateful to her for her help. Needless to say, I’m really tired of this problem. It’s hard to even consider anything sexual when one’s lower bowel is being disorderly. I’m pretty sure we will have to make another trip to the doctor.

I’m pretty tired. I’m sure that goes along with tummy issues. I’m hoping that my chicken soup (my mother’s recipe) will do something miraculous. At least I don’t have to get work done. What did you do on your furlough, Lion? I spent most of it on the toilet. Oh, how interesting.

Mrs. Lion and I have been discovering the joys of streaming program material. Until we were quarantined, neither of us had much of an inclination to surf the various services. We subscribe to most of the majors: Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, NPR, CBS All Access. I really hate the browsing offered. We finally figured out that we have to think of the shows we might want to see and the movies we like to watch, and then search on each of the services. I am going to watch “The French Chef” with Julia Child from end to end. There are about 200 episodes. In fact, I’m going to get to practice some of the knife skills she demonstrates when I get the vegetables cut up for the soup.

I’ve also had time to check out other blogs. Most of the femdom blogs allegedly written by women are poorly written male submissive sexual fantasies. No real people have the time or energy to do the stuff they write about. No wonder that most women don’t want to read this crap. If you don’t have a penis to play with while you read, they must seem very silly.

The reality we live in is a lot of fun. The vast majority of the time we are a normal married couple. We don’t bicker very often. It does happen. Mrs. Lion frequently forgets that she has the ultimate tool to settle any discussion. I keep hoping she will make the leap and include her paddle in more aspects of our lives. Even if she doesn’t, we both recognize her authority. It’s not a dictatorship. I get lots of opportunities to make decisions. I also get away with a lot more than I should.

As it should be in any adult relationship, I am the one who recognizes when I get out of hand. I then get myself under control. Mrs. Lion isn’t my mommy. It’s not her job to make me play nice. It is her job to help me learn to be better. She’s gotten very good at that. In our house, as well as many others I’m aware of where domestic discipline is practiced, spankings are quite rare. It isn’t like fantasies.

I’m not claiming that there aren’t times when I have earned spankings one after another. That is quite rare. Mrs. Lion isn’t looking to add corporal punishment to the list of chores she has to do every day. She gets no particular pleasure out of punishing me. I get absolutely no pleasure out of it. It’s part of our relationship. It’s not the biggest part. It’s really one of the smaller ones.

I understand why a lot of people imagine themselves under the cruel thumb of some dominating female. It’s a hot fantasy. Trying to make that fantasy come true on a full-time basis is insane. You can probably set scenes up for a few hours of this at a time. Just recognize that if you want to be in a real female led relationship, discipline is not going to be a daily occurrence. It probably won’t even be a weekly occurrence. If your partner is punishing you properly, you will be very happy it doesn’t happen too often. I sure am.

Don’t be discouraged by what I write. I am extremely happy with our disciplinary relationship. Even though she doesn’t admit it, I know Mrs. Lion is too. I know because when we had to suspend it, she really missed it. We both did. I kind of miss it now. However, I’m not going to see a paddle until my stomach problem or more resolved.


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      The chicken soup turned out very well. If it didn’t cure me, it didn’t make things worse. That’s very good! It’s also very comforting to make it needed. It’s one of the few things my mother knew how to cook.

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