Lion’s chicken soup was, sadly, not the cure-all it’s been in the past. Of course, in the past, it’s been useful for colds and flu, not stomach issues. The lab tests are coming back as negative, which points toward a virus. The doctor has increased the dosage of the drug that can potentially increase the pressure in his eyes. If things don’t improve the next step is a colonoscopy and no one is looking forward to that.

Yesterday I suggested that Lion be allowed to choose his own demise, so to speak. When he’s ready to resume sexual activities, he can decide what he wants. He said he’s absolutely not thinking about sex right now. I realize that. I just thought it would be something fun to think about as he gets better, but before he’s actually ready. He said he could think of nothing better than what I alluded to in the post. He’d like to be tied to the bed and have a blow job. I should have known that’s what he wanted. Maybe I did and that’s why I thought of it. He’s nothing if not consistent.

I’ll need to find the rest of the restraints to tie Lion to the bed. I know there are two floating around here somewhere. The others must still be in boxes. The good news is that I just saw the reel of horse rope so that will do in a pinch. Don’t worry, Lion. I’ll find a way to make sure you can’t wiggle away from me. Like he’d wiggle away from a blow job!

In the meantime, I’m doing what I can to make him feel better even if I can’t do what I know will make him feel better. We do a pretty good job taking care of each other. We might snap at each other when nerves get frayed but we belong together.