There’s Good Pain and There’s Bad Pain

If you’ve been reading our blog for the past week, you know Lion has been under the weather. Something in his gastrointestinal tract is very upset. It seems to get better and then it gets worse again. Maybe this is a stupid or obvious statement, but the flare-ups occurs not long after he eats, no matter what he eats. I took a “deposit” over to the lab this afternoon so they can run tests and determine what the problem is. The nurse suggested he get a colonoscopy, or it might be an ulcer. I hope they find an answer.

Last night Lion said it’s been twenty days since his last orgasm. For approximately half of those days, he hasn’t cared about sex. My argument is that those days don’t count toward his wait time. In order for them to count, he would have to be horny. I’d be playing with him and frustrating him. He may very well be frustrated but it’s more about being sick than being horny.

For the record, I’d much rather see Lion in pain because I’ve slathered his balls with Icy Hot or because I’ve gotten two of the nasty clothespins on the tip of his penis. He hates both of those things. Hates them. But I’m almost positive he’d rather be in that kind of pain than the pain he’s been in lately. Let me be clear. Lion can handle pain. He had rotator cuff surgery and neck surgery. He was on some heavy pain killers with those though. This is just an annoying, ongoing, why-won’t-you-stop kind of pain that wears you down.

I know Lion doesn’t like to have a say in what I do to him. He wants me to be in charge. I should decide. He shouldn’t. But I am deciding. And my decision is that whenever he gets better and is ready to resume our previously scheduled program, he gets to choose what we do. That first play session, that first sexual activity, is all his choice. Whatever he wants me to do to him or for him, I’m on board. Sign me up. I’m not rushing him. If anything, I’m giving him something nice to think of when he’s trying not to think about his guts making him miserable. He can daydream about being tied to the bed or my giving him a blow job. Those are just suggestions, of course. It’s his fantasy.

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  1. I wish him a speedy recovery! And I wish you the strength to overcome all this.

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