Amusement Parks Are Closed But It’s Still a Roller Coaster Ride

Every so often I think all the nonsense happening this year is my fault. After all, we had a horrible 2019 and I (stupidly) thought 2020 would be better. I am so, so sorry. I didn’t realize my hopes for 2020 would spiral so disastrously out of control. Obviously I’m not conceited enough to think I caused this. It’s just weird that last year was crappy for us and this year, while it started out benign enough, is crappy for everyone.

Even the weather is stupid. We’ve had thunderstorms the past few days. Thunder! I can count on one hand the number of thunderstorms we’ve had since we moved here from New York, and yet we’ve had them for the past few days. Now, the east coast is bracing for snow while we are forecast for 80 degree weather. Things are topsy turvy all over. I guess it should come as no surprise that Lion and I are topsy turvy too.

Poor Lion has been dealing with stomach issues for about a week. He seems fine in the morning, but then he goes downhill. Yesterday he ate mostly bland stuff, but he was still suffering. By bedtime, he added nausea to the mix.  Thankfully it didn’t last long. This morning he’s been resting. When he wakes up he’ll call the doctor to see if he needs a visit or if some drug can be prescribed. We’ve tried everything we can think of but nothing helps.

Needless to say, there was no joy in Mudville last night. We snuggled while the thunderstorm rolled through and I played on my iPad while he snoozed. We watched reruns of “House”. Until we get his stomach figured out, there will be no play and/or sex. I am in full-on Lion-care mode. Nurse Lioness is in the house. He feels bad when he interrupts my work, but I don’t mind. My primary job is taking care of him. It may “only” pay in kisses but the fringe benefits are excellent.

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  1. Seems strange but I am behind in reading your posts. I’m sure Lion is feeling better but I’ll find out soon.

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