What to Do? What to Do?

For some reason I’m more tired today than I was when I got far less sleep. I guess I can blame that on the rain, but it’s been overcast off and on for a while. I just want to snooze.

Yesterday I mowed part of the lawn. I was trying to get ahead of the rain forecast for today. Even with a self-propelled mower, it takes a lot out of me. I was tired and achy last night. However, I made a point to ask Lion if he was up for any action. He hasn’t been feeling well so I didn’t want to assume one way or the other. We had a wonderful thunderstorm roll through and we snuggled together listening to the booming. Lion didn’t think much would come of any attention but he suggested trying. Even though he never got hard, we both had fun while I played with my weenie.

We’ve been trying to figure out why Lion hasn’t been feeling well. Even if you dismiss his sore throat and headache from the other day, his tummy has been acting up a lot. We’ve deduced that it must be stress related. He’s worrying about his job. They say they’ll take him back and he believes them, but he can’t help wondering. There’s still a lot of death and destruction outside the door. I know the probability of us catching the virus might be fairly low, but there’s still a chance. Personally, I’m content living in our little bubble, but I know my work is eventually going to pull the plug on my working from home and I’ll have to go back. All these things can wreak havoc on your mind. The good thing is that he says he feels a little better today. Maybe the edging can continue.

It must be two weeks ago by now that I suggested playing Zapardy! The zapper needed to be charged and then I forgot about it for a few days. Lion was snoozing before Jeopardy! came on so that delayed us. Then he wasn’t feeling well. Maybe tonight, if the stars align, we can finally do it. The Greatest of All Time tournament has been rerunning this week. I don’t think that should matter. The questions may be harder, but I don’t think Lion will specifically remember from seeing them before. And if Zapardy! gets his motor running we can continue the festivities with some edging.

The weird part about working from home is that I’m here, but I’m not here. There’s some flexibility, but I shouldn’t just abandon my desk for a quickie in the afternoon. We didn’t really do that when we both had the time to do it even though Lion wanted us to. I am technically punched in while I work. However, once I punch out at 5 pm, my commute is much shorter now. Instead of nineteen miles, it’s more like nineteen feet. I should use that shorter commute to my advantage — to our advantage. Maybe that five o’clock hour could be the witching hour. Lion likes to play early. Let’s give it a try. I could punch out of one job and right into another. (It’s an analogy. I don’t think Lion is a job.) I’ll give that a shot tonight.

The thought just occurred to me that Lion never liked to initiate sex for fear of rejection, but I don’t seem to have that fear. I offer my “services” and if he can’t use them, I don’t feel slighted. He apologizes if he can’t get hard or loses his erection partway through, but I never feel the need for an apology. He doesn’t get mad at me if I need to stop for any reason. Why should I get mad at him? Sometimes I tease him that I’m not enough for him, but it’s just teasing. I do wonder, though, about his recent aversion to hand jobs, but I’m sure we’ll figure that out. We probably just need an experiment. Good thing I like experiments.