Let’s Live Another Day

I suppose it’s not surprising that people quickly grow tired of streaming video and other at-home entertainment. We are, after all, social critters. I think the situation with the COVID-19 quarantine is a lot like drinking and driving. People who are sure that one or two drinks don’t make any difference will take the cars out to drive home from a party. People who believe that the coronavirus is no more than a bad case of the flu are willing to risk it for a chance to stretch their legs and meet their friends.

People like Mrs. Lion and I aren’t likely to survive a bout of the virus. We both have complicating conditions that seriously threaten our survival if we catch it. Let’s assume that being infected is unlikely to cause you much more than a few days of discomfort. Let’s also assume that you are aware that once you get this disease, you are contagious and can give it to others. Do you think about that before you head over to the park? The point is that the very existence of this disease is life-threatening to about 5% of the people who catch it. Doing dangerous things, like resuming normal life at this point, is no different than driving drunk in a school zone.

The real problem is that people are either selfish or thoughtless. I’m very disturbed by the extreme pressure to open things up again at this point. The number of cases is accelerating and the number of deaths continues to grow larger. This is irrefutable. Every single model has raised its estimates of deaths from COVID-19. These changes are based on the fact that people are less interested in staying isolated.

Until an effective vaccine finds its way to most of us, we’re not going to get rid of this disease. Even if the optimistic estimate of January 2021 to roll out the vaccine comes true, the effect on our economy and our personal lives will be devastating. There isn’t an easy answer. I believe that we have to wait a little longer to allow the infection and death rates to drop. This is a game of statistics. Many experts believe that when hospitalizations and deaths drop for two consecutive weeks, then it’s safe to begin going out again. All of the models forecast increased infection and death even under those conditions.

I realize this isn’t about sex, chastity, or female-led relationships. It’s about survival. We can’t afford to lose you as a reader. Please think twice before going out. You’ll save your own life and very possibly ours.


    1. Author

      Thank you. Responsible behavior on the part of others is critical to our survival.

  1. Those who sacrifice freedom for safety will in the end receive neither safety nor freedom. 85-90% of those with symptoms are testing negative for the virus. In some cases its is closer to 97% negative. The death rate from three studies, Santa Clara County, California, Jackson County, Kansas and one more I cant recall at this time indicate that the infection rate is 50-80 times higher than tested cases which puts the overall death toll at less than 1%…..the overwhelming deaths have an average age of 80 plus years old. Yes it can be deadly to some. Yes it can be deadly to even younger people but to lock up an entire country is just plain wrong when we can mitigate this by other means. The projections have been widely and grossly exaggerated. Deaths from the flu epidemic in the United States in 1967 were well over 100,000….to those who die and their families that is tragic but we did not lock down 225 million citizens then but now we are locking down 330 million and the disaster of doing so in my opinion is far worse than the disease. Sorry but you are in fear of being in fear. If your individual condition is such that you would be in danger of serious illness or death you can opt to stay home. You can rely on contactless delivery but please don’t tell me I am being selfish or irresponsible. I will give you and every person I come in contact with more than 6 feet. In face to face interactions I will wear a mask. I too have underlying conditions and I am not going to be afraid to live. I personally would rather die free than die in self isolate house arrest.

    1. Author

      That is the problem. First of all, the average age of people dying is much younger than 80. Secondly, is it really so important that you are able to go about your daily activity unrestricted that you are willing to let people die as a result? Frankly, your comment is exactly the sort of irresponsible attitude that’s going to raise the death rate dramatically. Your facts are wrong by the way.

  2. The US has handled this pandemic far worse than any other country. That is directly related to the lack of leadership at the top. That same leadership speaks out of both sides of their mouths but the clear message is , “let’s reopen the country.” There is no concern for the people. I agree his facts are wrong. I also agree that this is a terrible situation for everyone! But saying that you are free to get sick or make others sick is just wrong.

    1. Author

      Sadly, slightly less than half of the American people voted for this bozo four years ago. That was enough to elect him. These are the same people that think it makes no sense to stay in their houses to prevent the spread of disease. I think the last four years are the absolute best argument against populism I’ve ever seen. The American Founding Fathers did know what they were talking about when they set up a Republic. Sadly, we don’t have one anymore. I understand the frustration and fear that goes along with closing down our economy for such a long time. There’s no question that the harm is going to be enormous and will last for years. I don’t think that’s an excuse though to mitigate it by getting out too soon. I don’t like receiving unemployment and sitting at home. I also don’t want to be responsible for killing anyone.

  3. The UK has not done too bad in fucking up their response either, I haven’t left my house in 6 weeks as I have a wife and daughter to protect, yet over here the lockdown is now getting flaunted by so many a second wave is inevitable and fully expected by health authorities. We gave a friend who has been in hospital over 30 days now, she’s on the mend thankfully but still won’t be home for another 1-2 weeks I guess, tracheostomy’s aren’t pleasant! We all want our lives back but we have to sit this out – Christ it’s not like we are being asked to do anything hard is it.

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      I suppose it was inevitable that people’s short memories will cut in and they forget why it’s important to stay home. I think it’s pretty immature to imagine that you are immortal. Clearly, this is what a lot of people believe.

  4. The authorities over here believed in that herd mentality until it was too late to alter course. They also put the msg out that youngsters were not at risk….so the kids believed that shit. Turns out no one is safe , not even our own bozo “Bojo”.

    1. Author

      It’s true. The danger is real and applies to everyone. “Bojo”?

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