Even though everyone knows I like to be spanked, I absolutely hate punishment spankings. On Saturday I didn’t prepare the coffee pot for Sunday breakfast. I woke up before Mrs. Lion on Sunday morning and made a point of taking care of that before she would need it. This is the second time I’ve gotten up early to get things set up and avoid a spanking.

I don’t know if the reason I felt I had to get this done was that I feared having my butt swatted. Part of it certainly was. I also didn’t want to disappoint my lioness. I have to admit she treats these lapses when I make them as a little amusing. I think she likes catching me and then tanning my hide. I find myself working very hard to avoid that situation.

The idea of getting caught and being punished does turn me on. I had the ideal opportunity to let that happen yesterday. I even thought about it. I couldn’t bring myself to consciously disobey. That’s why I got up early and prepared the coffee pot.

This demonstrates that domestic discipline isn’t a sexy game for us. Yes, it is sexy. And yes, that was my initial motivation for starting it up in our relationship. I still get turned on thinking about Mrs. Lion punishing me. That doesn’t matter. I work very hard to avoid feeling her paddle.

A good part of that is her skill at spanking. She means business and doesn’t stop no matter how unhappy I am until she feels she’s made her point. That is a real punishment spanking. Even to someone like me, who enjoys spanking, it’s something to fear and work hard to avoid. I managed to avoid it Sunday morning.

DD has a much more important benefit: little things are not allowed to build up until they become big problems. For example, if I forgot to set up the coffeepot on Sunday morning and we didn’t have a DD relationship, Mrs. Lion would’ve set it up and probably made no comment to me. The next time I forgot she would feel some resentment. This resentment keeps building up over time if there’s no outlet for it. Eventually, we’d end up having a big fight and lots of hurt feelings.

Because we practice domestic discipline, each and every time I fail to do something I’m supposed to, I am punished. The punishment helps me remember to do what I missed. More importantly, it allows Mrs. Lion to discharge any hurt feelings and anger. When she finally puts her paddle away, the slate is clean. If I forget again, the paddle comes out again and I probably get an even stronger spanking. No matter how many times I fail to do what I’m told, there is an immediate outcome. This punishment is a powerful educational tool for me. Perhaps more importantly, it’s a way for Mrs. Lion to discharge any annoyance and feel good again about me and our relationship.

We don’t fight. It’s not because I know that if I disagree too strongly I will be spanked. I don’t think I will if I do that. It’s that we don’t have a pool of resentment on either side that leaks out and turns into arguments. If I do become argumentative, I know that Mrs. Lion will settle the argument with her paddle. So far, in the years we have been doing DD, this hasn’t been necessary.


  1. what a good incentive not to get spanked))) and discipline in addition

    1. Author

      Indeed it is!

    1. Author

      We’ve discovered that. It wasn’t obvious to us at all when we started. In those days it was just sexy fun.

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