Learning To Please A Penis

I haven’t been sleeping very well. When we watch TV, I usually fall asleep at times. Maybe I am turning into my crazy uncle who always fell asleep in an easy chair after dinner. I hope not. As Mrs. Lion wrote yesterday, she gave me a blow job that took me disturbingly close to the edge. She decided that was enough fun for me and stopped. Actually, she did that to me three times before she stopped. I had a lot of fun.

I’ve been wondering how women perceive sex with men. Of course, I know how it feels to me. I’m completely aware of how I learned to please a woman. But I really don’t have any solid idea of how it feels from the other side. It’s impossible for me to hide my sexual interest. My penis gets hard and if I am naked, it shows any observer my arousal. Women have much more subtle signs of arousal. Casually glancing at a naked woman is unlikely to reveal her interest in sex. A much closer examination is needed to find out.

We all take for granted the physical differences between men and women. They are obvious. What’s not obvious, at least to me, is how I’m perceived by a member of the opposite sex. From what I’ve read online, seeing an erect penis draws mixed reviews. Obviously, if a woman is uninterested in sexually engaging with this particular erection, she won’t be interested in it. She might feel offended that it’s being shown to her. On the other hand, if it belongs to someone she likes and wants to know sexually, I imagine it’s a welcoming sign.

I wonder how women learn about handling a penis. Were they taught by other girls when in their teens? Did their first male lover give them lessons? How did they get their practice? It isn’t obvious. When I was a boy of 11 I knew it felt good to get hard but I had no idea what that meant. One afternoon after school, one of my friends showed me. We had the usual exploratory games of strip poker etc. But they didn’t include anything remotely sexual. This kid showed me what he did to himself. I was surprised. Gamely, I gave it a try and saw fireworks within seconds. It was the birth of a new hobby that served me well until seven years ago.

My first sexual partner was a virgin like me. We kissed and touched and hugged and finally our fingers explored below the waist. I had no real idea what to do there. I noticed the wetness and gamely inserted my finger and moved it around. She liked it a lot. She petted my penis much like she would a cat. I offered to give her an idea of what I like. I showed her how to jerk me off. She liked that. I liked it more. She was surprised at the mess I made when I had my orgasm. She courteously found me some tissues to clean up.

She had never masturbated so she had no clear idea of what I should do for her. I moved my fingers around and she had a very nice orgasm. We both decided that we were ignorant and needed some help. We found a “marriage manual” that gave instructions on sexual basics. That was enough. We discovered oral sex. We both loved it.

Over the succeeding decades, I dated women with a wide variety of ignorance on the subject of male pleasure. One very notable partner, Mary, was a very beautiful woman. She was 5’9″ tall with long brown hair. The talking stopped in a room she walked in. I was very lucky she decided to date me. When it came to having sex, she kissed and hugged and let me fondle her top and bottom then she would lie down waiting for me to penetrate her. She had no real concept of reciprocating foreplay.

At one point, I said I would like it if she did some things for me. I showed her how to masturbate me. She did it and commented that nobody had ever asked her to do that before. I also asked her to do oral sex. I had been going down on her for some time. She was surprised but agreed and did a pretty good job. We never got all the way to ejaculation because she strongly believed that ejaculation should only take place inside her vagina. It’s a good thing I had had a vasectomy. It was fun while it lasted.

I know how Mary learned to play with a man. I taught her. Is this what happens with most women? How did Mrs. Lion learn to jerk me off? I didn’t teach her. My demonstration took place about a decade after the first time she had done that for me. Clearly, she knew how to do it long before meeting me. The same is true of oral sex. She was absolutely expert at it right from the start.

Now we get to the more touchy subject: swallowing. My first partner became very expert at getting me off orally. She never swallowed my semen. She would go into the bathroom and spit it out. I didn’t like that, but I didn’t say anything. Since then, one or two women did the same thing. I don’t understand. Isn’t the damage already done when I ejaculate in her mouth? It lands on her tongue where she can taste it. Swallowing it is easier and faster than holding it in her mouth until she can spit it out. I really don’t get it. Very lucky. Mrs. Lion actually likes the taste of my semen. Go figure.

I would really like to understand how a woman perceives a penis and how she learns to handle it. I would love to know how it feels to her when she gets a man off. I know how it feels when I give Mrs. Lion orgasms. I love feeling her move her hips under my face. I love the sounds she makes. It really turns me on. I’m pretty sure sucking my cock doesn’t have a similar effect on her. Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. My wife (of almost 35 years, now) and I were both virgins when we married. We have been 100% monogamous since. We just kind of figured things out on our own. It was kind of like Mrs. Loon said… do you like this? What about that? Okay, I won’t do that again, but I will do this. And so on.

    In general, I don’t think there is a right way or a wrong way, but two people have to figure out what works for them. Open communication seems to be the best policy… I know I would have never had my face sat upon or been spanked if I hadn’t asked for it. And I probably would have never made love in the back seat of a car on a winding mountain road if she hadn’t brought it up first.

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      Discovery is so much fun!

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