Yesterday, Lion still wasn’t feeling the greatest. He was snoozing a lot. Around 4 he asked if I was going to wax him. I hadn’t planned on it. The wax wasn’t warmed. It would take hours to melt. I guess he felt well enough to be waxed but not to stay awake for any length of time. Before we went to sleep, I told Lion we could finish his waxing after my Zoom meeting this afternoon. I’ll turn the wax on so it’s ready.

The other day I waxed the front half of Lion except for his legs. He wants his legs bare, as well. I think his legs look funny when they don’t have any fur. The thing is, they look funny when they have hair too. What the heck? It’s no secret that I don’t like waxing, but I really don’t like waxing his legs. A few months ago I came up with a compromise: every other time I wax him, I’ll do his legs. I’d forgotten about that till just now. I guess that means I’m doing his legs this time. (I was going to do them anyway.)

I usually start of with his front since there are more intricate areas there. His balls are generally the most difficult since they’re loose skin. You should stretch skin when yanking off the wax. Well, you should stretch it when you apply the wax too, but I tend to ignore that part. Yanking it off hurts a little less when you stretch the skin. Anyway, pulling and yanking is more difficult so it takes more time on the front. Lion also has more hair on his chest than on his back, thank god. It may seem odd but I tend to do his “bikini” area first. I figure if either of us needs to stop quickly, at least I have the most important spots done.

Today I’ll start with his butt crack and parts of his balls that may have been difficult to access the other day. Lion needs to be on his knees for this part. I try to go as quickly as I can so he’s not putting too much strain on his shoulders. Then he’s on his tummy for the rest. As I said, his back and tush aren’t as furry, but some of the hair is stubborn. I can apply wax three or more times and it still hangs on. I don’t know why this happens. It’s pretty annoying going after that one silly hair and it won’t let loose. I should just bring a tweezer with me so I can yank it out.

I don’t know if you wax yourself or your partner, but getting the random stuck on wax off at the end is a giant pain. We’ve found that dousing it with mineral oil, letting it soak in and then rubbing it off with a towel works fairly well. There are still a few pieces that refuse to come off but Lion uses mineral oil in the shower to get that off.

I guess we have our mid- to late-afternoon plans laid out for us. When we’re done, Lion will be smooth as a baby’s butt and we’ll have another few weeks before he insists he’s getting furry again.

Does being locked in a male chastity device change sexual performance? This is a very interesting question. It’s also a little bit broader than just wearing a chastity device. The bigger question is whether orgasm control changes male sexual performance? I started thinking about this because there is a very obvious change in my sexuality. I can be aroused almost any time, but I can’t be brought to the edge of orgasm very often or easily.

My pattern is that for the first week or so after an orgasm, I can be easily aroused and I enjoy being stimulated. However, I don’t seem able to get close to coming. Then, after that (actually sometime after seven and before 10 days go by) I become able to be edged or made to ejaculate depending on what Mrs. Lion wants to do. I could understand if I had a problem getting an erection for the first seven days or so. I don’t. It’s just that the level of arousal I can achieve is severely limited.

There’s the old “use it or lose it” concept. That idea suggests that over time, the man will lose a lot of his ability to ejaculate if he’s prevented from doing so. Maybe that’s true. Over the last four years, that’s when I started keeping track, my average time between ejaculations is just short of seven days. There were times when Mrs. Lion got me off every two or three days and others when I had to wait two weeks or more. However, my average is about seven days, both mean and median. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my ability to be edged takes a week or so to cut in.

As men age, it takes more time to recharge the old sexual battery. Studies of sexual frequency bear this out. I don’t think this alone is sufficient to explain what’s going on with me. Over the last couple of years, my semen production has also gone down. I think this is related to the other issue. From what I understand, one of the key factors controlling the refractory period, the amount of time it takes a man to be ready to ejaculate again, seems to be tied in with the amount of semen he has available.

For example, ruined orgasms generally don’t completely deplete the semen supply. That allows the male to have several ruined orgasms right after one another until his semen supply is fully depleted. At that point, he loses his erection and the game is done. Since my supply of semen has been fairly low, I can only have one ruined orgasm before I’m done. I wonder if my small supply of semen and my apparent inability to quickly generate more is behind the seven-day delay before I will be ready to ejaculate.

In the past, I’ve had orgasms with no semen being emitted. However, in the minutes following the orgasm, some semen drips out of my soft penis. That means there was some available, but not enough to ejaculate at the time I had the orgasm.

I can’t help but wonder that if I was permitted to have more frequent orgasms, the sexual equipment would be in better shape now. There’s no way to really know. I think that there’s a very good chance that my current situation is a direct result of orgasm control. My body “learned” to produce less semen because it wasn’t needed. I could be totally wrong. However, it’s reasonable to wonder if this problem isn’t something that happens to guys who have spent years in male chastity.

What is your experience?

[Mrs. Lion — Does anyone else read this as a challenge? In all seriousness, I’m willing to do an experiment. Let’s see if I can “cure” Lion by giving him orgasms more often. It’s worth a try.]

When the time came to wax Lion, I wasn’t sure we’d be able to do it. He was still a little under the weather. We agreed to try and got the front done yesterday.

I’ve heard of some sort of syndrome happening because everyone is stuck at home. We get caught in some vicious cycle of not sleeping when we should and/or sleeping all day. I’m sure lack of movement is partially to blame. I wonder if people who take walks, are outside gardening or are working on inside projects are less likely to fall into this trap. I can’t say this helps me because I’m normally prone to naps even if, or maybe because, I am more active.

In any case, Lion seemed fine while I was waxing him. Of course, we could have stopped at any time if it was too much for either of us. That’s always the case. There’s no reason we can’t heat the wax up another time and continue. That’s the beauty of having in-home waxing. Lion would be less than half-waxed, but who’d see him? Especially now since he can’t really leave the house. Even if he did, no one would see if half his chest had hair.

I have to go to work this afternoon to gather supplies to work from home. I also need my marching orders. Apparently I’ll be doing projects rather than my regular work. Okay. This won’t really help them, but I won’t argue. The important part is that I won’t have to go to the office much, if at all, for a few more weeks.

Since I’ll be out for an unknown amount of time this afternoon, I can’t really commit to finishing Lion’s waxing today. Obviously, as I said yesterday, there’s no reason I couldn’t start later in the day, but I’d like to keep some timeframes normal. Besides, we might be able to do Zapardy! tonight. Come on hard questions!

Today Mrs. Lion will be heading to her office for a brief visit in order to collect necessary materials to work from home. Her boss insists it’s a low-risk exercise because few of her coworkers will be in. After that, she needs to have very little physical contact with anyone from her office. That’s a good thing. A lot of people are impatient about getting out and about. It’s challenging to have to stay home and stay away from others. Here in the Seattle area, we’ve been very fortunate. Our leaders have followed the right protocol for managing a pandemic. In contrast, New York did almost everything wrong. As a result, while Washington has 700 coronavirus deaths, New York has over 7000. This is not explainable simply by differences in population. I read a very interesting article about this in the New Yorker Magazine. There was an article in the May 4 issue “the coronavirus protocol”. It’s an eye-opening and very insightful look at how the United States has handled the coronavirus outbreak.

I won’t go any deeper into this subject since anything I say will have a political flavor. I am deeply disturbed by how our leaders mishandled this crisis. Please take a look at the New Yorker article. It’s fair and crammed full of factual information.

In other news, I’m completely bewildered by my sexual performance. For no apparent reason I have been unable to reach the edge of orgasm most of the time. I thought it might be due to the fact I was getting tired of being masturbated. Mrs. Lion substituted oral stimulation. The outcome remains the same. My semen production has also varied widely. In the past, stimulating me prior to actually letting me orgasm generally increased my production. That doesn’t seem to be the case now. There are times when nothing comes out when I have the orgasm, but fluid leaks out slowly later. Other times, like my most recent orgasm two days ago, Mrs. Lion reported that I produced a very good amount of semen; at least twice as much as I have in the recent past. Again, I can’t think of a good reason for this.

For the last two months or so, I am apparently unready to ejaculate for at least nine days after my last orgasm. I can get aroused and have a very good time. But I can’t get anywhere near actually coming. I don’t understand this. It’s not my refractory period, at least I don’t think it is. Maybe my sex drive is drying up. Perhaps it’s partly due to the seven years of orgasm control we have been practicing. I don’t know. It could also be organic and simply the fact of my increasing age. There really isn’t any good data out there to help me understand what’s going on.

In the meantime, we still have fun. Mrs. Lion and I still love being together. I’m very glad about that.