I used one of the new rubber paddles to whomp Lion yesterday afternoon. It does pack quite a punch. He was rosy red in no time. It also looked like he would be bruised. Unfortunately, I opened up one spot on each cheek that bled. As long as he doesn’t bleed too much I can continue if I avoid those areas. When I tried yesterday, the blood splattered even though I was over an inch away. I’m sure Lion would have been fine if we continued, but I didn’t want to make a mess. Our detractors will be happy to know that the bleeding stopped when I blotted his buns with a tissue.

Lion reported a minimal amount of soreness a few hours later. It’s been quite a while since I’ve given him a lasting spanking. I’ll have to figure out what paddle I used then. Lion suggested filing the edges of the new rubber paddle so they won’t cut into him. I’ll have to see if we have any files or sandpaper that will handle the job.

A while after his whomping, but still before dinner, I moved over to fondle my weenie and balls. It occurred to me that I could just get him hard, jerk him off a bit and call it good. Nothing in our agreement said I need to try to get him to the edge. A “driveby” should suffice. But I was in a generous mood so I got him hard and then told him I wanted him across the bed.

Zoom! He was in position for oral fun.

When I got between his legs I had a surprise for him. I rubbed some menthol on his perineum. He asked what I was doing down there. I thought he’d smell the menthol. Sometimes it takes a while for the heat to build up. I didn’t want to put too much and set him on fire. I teased my weenie with my tongue while I waited for the menthol to work its magic.

I forgot all about the menthol once I went to work on him. I don’t know if Lion felt the heat at that point either. Over the course of his blow job, he went from being hard to softer to very hard. I edged him a few times and then settled into edging him but keeping my tongue working on him and then sucking him to the edge but keeping my tongue working. I thought he’d have an orgasm just from my tongue but he didn’t. Just as well. I wanted to suck him dry. And I did.

Afterward, I was standing at the foot of the bed and Lion was a crumpled mess trying to catch his breath. Mission accomplished!

I asked for it. I let Mrs. Lion know that I like being teased. Now, she is much less likely to give me an orgasm even if I’ve been waiting for a long time. I’m pretty sure she won’t push me too far into the future. She likes making me ejaculate. On the other hand, she has considerable fun watching me humping air when she brings me right to the edge. She knows I love getting a blow job and has learned to effectively edge me with her mouth. That means I can’t assume that because she is using her mouth, she will let me come.

It’s important that she keeps me waiting. If she gets me off because I really want to ejaculate, I am effectively in control. If she demonstrates her authority by repeatedly edging me even though I’ve been waiting a long time, she is reinforcing a role.

What we do by practicing orgasm control is to turn what many people think is a natural instinctive activity into something that is consciously planned. It’s true that if we weren’t practicing male chastity, I might get more opportunities to ejaculate. There’s also a very good chance I wouldn’t.

Before we began all this, Mrs. Lion had lost interest in sex. It kind of tapered out over several years. As a result, I don’t think she thought about sex too much in terms of me. I had to hint very strongly in order to get her to jerk me off. I didn’t like that. I’ve always been terrible at initiating. I was even worse about asking for something just for me. As a result, she got me off about once a month. Even though she wasn’t aware of it, I took care of myself two or three times a week.

When I asked her to lock me up in a male chastity device, we made an agreement that she would do something sexual with me at least every other day. Of course, she did not agree to get me off every other day. All she agreed to do was tease me. I was told that I could never jerk off again. Mrs. Lion told me that it really bothered her that I could get myself off. Of course, it was easy for me to obey that requirement because she had me locked in a chastity device full-time. It only came off when she played with me.

In our case, by putting structure around something that people might think should be “natural”, we took care of a festering problem. Beginning enforced male chastity also improved our communication. When we also began a Female Led Relationship with Discipline, communication further improved on several levels.

The most important one, I think, was that Mrs. Lion was able to let me know how she felt and make sure I understood how I could make things better. As my disciplining wife, she had the duty to punish me when I did something I shouldn’t. In the beginning, this applied just to the rules she made. Later, as we both grew, I was also disciplined for annoying her or being rude to her.

I get spanked anytime Mrs. Lion feels I need it. The spanking is beneficial because it reinforces my desire to do what she wishes. But that’s not the real benefit. The real benefit is that Mrs. Lion has agreed to let me know anytime I do something that annoys her. This has been very difficult for her. She’s still working on being able to do this consistently.

Even though a lot of interest is expressed about our orgasm control and spanking, the real benefit is the way we’ve improved our communication. It’s interesting that this communication includes physical activity — edging and spanking — that assures we stay in close touch. There is much more to this than playing with my penis or swatting my bottom. I agree that those activities are things we like, but the real reason we keep them up year after year is that they help us get closer and grow.