Lion wasn’t feeling very well yesterday. Between being tired and having a stomach issue, he didn’t want to stray too far from bed.

Before noon, I started the wax. It takes time for the warmer to melt it all. Lion wanted to wait. It’s not a problem. The wax is there when we need it. Eventually, around 4 I think, he begged off. He’d been snoozing and staying under the blankets. We turned the wax off and decided to do it today.

We realized the NFL draft was either over or they decided anything beyond the second round is a snoozefest not worthy of being broadcast. Jeopardy! was on last night. It was reruns from a few years ago, but we don’t need a new one to do Zapardy! Unfortunately, Lion was asleep through most of Wheel of Fortune and the beginning of Jeopardy! Knowing he’d been under the weather, I didn’t see the need to wake him. We can play Monday night. There’s no rush.

About an hour ago, I turned on the wax again. I’ll check it in a little while to see if we’re ready to roll. There’s no rush. I know Lion wants to get rid of fur, but it really doesn’t matter if we do it at 2 or 4 or 6. From past experience, it will take anywhere from an hour to two to get done with the front side. The back is quicker because there’s less fur. If I add in the legs with the back, it will obviously increase the time. Legs are a pain in the butt. Too many angles, I guess.

While I’ve been home, I’ve done a few good things. One of them was clearing space in the pantry for the waxing table and supplies. I still have work to do but the fact that I don’t have to drag the table into the bedroom to wax Lion is a win. Lion says the table doesn’t have to stay up. We can fold it so it’s out of the way, but I say he shouldn’t mess with my win. Yes, the table may wind up being folded, but for now, don’t mess with my win. Besides, when I was sewing face masks the other day, it made a fairly nice sewing table.

Tomorrow, I’m supposed to start work. In the original schedule, I was doing a few webinars from home on Monday and then going back to my regular hours from then on. I was not happy about that situation. With some negotiations, I managed to get the okay to work from home temporarily. I don’t know how long that is in my boss’s boss’s mind but I’m thinking it’s until the governor says more people can go back to work. Even then, I’m nervous. I wonder when we’ll feel safe again.