Tonight’s (Not) the Night

I had a headache yesterday. It was almost like the aftermath of a migraine. By afternoon I was mostly foggy with a slight background of pain. Lion kept asking how my head felt. I know part of it was his concern. I also know he was wondering about the likelihood of play. Just before dinner, he asked again and I told him the pain was still floating around in there. He said it figured. When he’s horny, I don’t feel well. There it is!

The steam from the shower seemed to help alleviate the headache for a while. I still feel it today so it didn’t completely cure it. However, I felt good enough to give Lion a blow job. I wasn’t going to leave him hanging when he said he was horny. Plus, if I didn’t do anything with Lion when I wasn’t feeling 100%, I’d never do anything with him.

He was correct. He was a horny boy. One of the things I love the most is taking his limp cock in my mouth and feeling it get hard. Maybe it’s a pride thing. I did that! And then I get to play with the fruits of my labor. Lion made it to the edge and then I worked on getting him closer and closer. I know I was playing with fire. I even considered giving him a ruined orgasm, but that would have been a waste of my time. I wanted him frustrated. A ruined orgasm would not do that.

I think I edged him five times, with the last two being right to the edge. Before the last one, I asked if he wanted to come. Of course, he did! I knew it without asking. Sometimes when I ask, he says it’s not up to him. Obviously, but I want to know anyway. I have no idea how many days it’s been since the last orgasm, but last night wasn’t his night. I want to torture him a bit more. Maybe tonight. Maybe not. [Lion — it was 10 days.]

I’d like to touch on something Lion said about playing even if he isn’t in the mood. He said that at BDSM parties in New York, there’s no sex involved. I suppose that would have been a good analogy if I had “come of age” in said parties. I did not. Lion and I had a sexual relationship before he introduced me to BDSM. For us, sex has always followed play. With that in mind, I don’t think it’s irrational of me to think that we shouldn’t play if he’s not horny. The two go hand in hand. Again, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to idly play with my weenie while we snuggle even if he isn’t in the mood. Neither of us thinks it will go anywhere. But a full on let’s-try-to-get-Lion-to-the-edge session wouldn’t work very well. No matter how long we try, we won’t get any further than my idly playing with my weenie while we snuggle.

[Lion — I think we have a little bit of a definition problem. “Play” to me isn’t just sexual activity. It includes things like having to wear the spiked jockstrap, diapers, play spankings, nipple stuff, etc. None of those things are directly sexual. That’s what I meant by play.]