My weenie and I had a talk last night. Just before I gave Lion oral sex, I told my weenie I needed him to get hard. I needed him to stay hard. I looked him right in the eye and said I wanted him to get to the edge. It may come as no surprise that he didn’t listen. Despite all my ministrations, he didn’t get very hard. He certainly didn’t stay hard. And he was so far from the edge, he was safely in the middle of the bed.

Lion’s theory is that play came too close to his spanking for forgetting to set up the coffee again the other day. Lion has lots of theories. This morning he theorized that he bleeds because the skin isn’t tight enough across his buns when I spank him. I’m still contemplating this one. However, he may be right about spanking and play too close together. Although he doesn’t feel any lasting effect today, I did whomp him fairly hard. He was begging me to stop. I didn’t. He needs to learn to complete his chores.

During his begging, he tells me “that’s enough”. Is it? That’s what I usually ask him. I must admit, “that’s enough” does cause me to pause. It’s not because I think it’s enough. Well, ok, maybe for a split second I might wonder. But I usually only pause long enough to ask him if it’s really enough or if he’s the one who should really deciding when enough is enough. And really, even if I agree it’s enough, do you think I should stop? I mean, if I stop then, wouldn’t Lion be calling the shots?

Now, the last time I punished him, he did tell me I shouldn’t hit so hard so far down his thigh. Point taken. That’s a safety issue. If he had said I shouldn’t hit so hard because it hurt too much, I certainly wouldn’t have listened. Safety first. However, when he told me last night that it was enough, he also rolled away a bit. That’s absolutely not safe. If he rolls just as I’m swatting, who knows where that swat will wind up. I almost threatened to start over since he was trying to escape, but he got himself under control again.

So far, and it’s still early, there has been no reason to punish him today. If his theory about punishment and play being too close together has any merit, my weenie shouldn’t have any trouble getting and staying hard. We might even make it to the edge. Stay tuned.


  1. Do you not believe there is a limit to how much pain a person can tolerate even if you don’t cause nerve or skeletal damage?

    When do you decide to stop? If it’s not enough that he is begging you to stop hurting him, what is enough?

    Aside from his “weenie”, do you think he needs time to emotionally handle re-engaging you after being beaten like that?

    1. Author

      Enough is when I decide. Of course, Lion could decide too by using his safe word. If I was truly hurting him to a point he could no longer tolerate, he would let me know. P.S. I would stop long before he needed me to stop

  2. Well, it certainly appears you are “all in.” It will be interesting to see how it plays out. God help him.

  3. If begging and trying to roll away don’t indicate that you “need to stop,” what would actually tell you he does?

    1. My safewords.

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