Orgasm Control

When we first started enforced male chastity, I thought I had it all figured out. In my mind, it was all about orgasm control. That could only mean that I would find myself sexually frustrated because Mrs. Lion would make me wait for the opportunity to ejaculate. It never occurred to me that my definition was way too narrow. The first day after she locked me in and figured out how the Chinese chastity device worked, she promptly unlocked me and had me jerk off. I was a little surprised since I expected to be made to wait for some days before getting a chance to come.

Nope. She watched me jerk off and then locked me back up. The next night she unlocked me, jerked me off, and locked me up again. It was fun. On the third night, she did it again. This time it was hard for me to get off. Three orgasms in three days was a lot more than I had been getting for quite some time. It took longer this time, but eventually, I ejaculated again.

I had to say something. So, I explained my idea about how enforced male chastity worked. I told her that I expected to be unlocked and teased at least every other day (Our chastity agreement specified that.). I thought that I would get a chance to come only after a week or more frustration. She pointed out that orgasm control meant that she decided when I get to have an orgasm. It could be every day or it could be many days between opportunities. She told me that her decision was to get me off every day.

Mrs. Lion is generally an agreeable soul. And that point in our power exchange, apparently she felt that I had a vote. So, she unlocked and teased me instead of getting me off every night. After three or four days, she jerked me off and allowed me to ejaculate. Okay, we were playing the game! That’s been our experience to this day.

Now that we are in our seventh year, I don’t appear to be capable of having an orgasm every day. I don’t seem able to have one every two or three days. I agreeably get aroused and enjoy the stimulation, but I don’t get anywhere near orgasm. It’s hard work for Mrs. Lion to masturbate me for a very long time. So we really haven’t explored if it’s impossible for me to have orgasms more frequently or if it’s just more difficult to get me there.

I can’t help. She made one rule in the very beginning that she is absolutely unwilling to break. I am not allowed to masturbate. When she made that rule on the very first night she locked me up, I was very surprised. I still don’t really understand why it’s important to her, but I agree that taking me out of the equation simplifies things.

I don’t know her reasoning behind this rule. My interpretation is that if I feel able to get myself off, I very well might take advantage of that. Even one infraction dilutes Mrs. Lion’s position as the sole delivery agent of my orgasms. Think about it. In over six years the only way I’ve been able to ejaculate is when Mrs. Lion stimulates me. In all that time I’ve only been able to come vaginally a few times. You can count them on one hand.

This is unusual for males. I think almost all of us interpret monogamy as two-person sex with only one partner. I don’t think there are very many guys that include jerking off as something that would be prohibited when monogamous. Mrs. Lion never imagined that I got myself off until that night. She informed me of my hands-off rule and then said she wanted me to jerk for the very last time so she could watch. I did. That was the last time.

I wonder if she regrets making that rule. I imagine she would benefit from some help on days that it’s difficult to get me where she wants. On the other hand, I think she likes knowing that she alone provides me with sexual pleasure. After all, it’s orgasm control.

[Mrs. Lion — We’ve talked about Lion being able to masturbate at my request. However, we’re worried about it being a slippery slope. What if he feels neglected and decides to do it without permission? What if I come to rely on his hand more often than my own? No. I think we’ll stick with the all or nothing that’s been serving us so well for so many years.]


  1. I’m not so sure it’s unusual. I don’t permit him to masturbate (unless I decree supervised masturbation) or look at pornography. If I find out he’s looked at pornography, I assume he’s masturbated. He knows that. As part of his penalty, he gets chastity until I decide to apply physical discipline to his rear end for disobeying me. The wives and girlfriends of our little group have similar prohibitions against masturbation and pornography. Our view of it is we alone are to be the sources of our partners’ sexual delight. Most of us view our males’ penises as Our Property. I’m very stingy when it comes to My Property. I don’t let anyone else play with it.

    Of course, if it’s supervised masturbation, he doesn’t masturbate at my “request”. He does it because I told him to. He must ask permission to ejaculate, too. I don’t always grant it. Sometimes, I will extort things from him in exchange for permission to ejaculate. It’s very humiliating for him, whether there’s a witness or we’re alone. Humiliation is one of my disciplinary tools.

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      Thanks for sharing your practice. It’s fun to learn how others handle their sexual activities.

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