Buzz Cut Lion

lion's haircut
I may have cut it too close in back. Lion isn’t complaining.

I finally gave Lion his haircut yesterday. I started with the back of his head as per how-to videos I watched. I think Lion must have an extra bumpy head, because I went a little close in a few spots. It couldn’t possibly be that I messed up. No, no, no. However, the rest of his head is much smoother and he’s happy with the result. (Just please, nobody show him the back.) It’s fine. Everything’s fine.

When I was ready to play with him last night, I couldn’t find my rope. I’d planned on tying Lion’s balls so I could make them bounce. It didn’t make any sense that they disappeared. Aside from the fact that Lion would never hide any toy, he would certainly never hide the rope. He loves having his balls tied. He loves having anything tied. I had to use some clothespins instead.

They might have hurt a lot, but Mr. Weenie was excited. I can always count on him to show Lion’s true colors. He springs to life even when Lion protests. Unfortunately, he also lets me know when the fun is over. I did manage to revive him once but it was short-lived. I’m chalking it up to “these uncertain times” and his refractory period. I know there’s a lot to worry about so I’m not taking his lack of sustaining an erection personally.

This morning, I was doing a little shopping online and Lion was writing a post and working. He made a few trips past me into the kitchen and then asked if I could make it a point to do some unpacking each day. I have been fairly lazy but it’s not like I’m not doing anything. However, I can up my game and use my free time more wisely. On the other hand, what has he done for me lately? I know he’s still working, but that doesn’t take all of his time either. I know he can’t do any of the heavy lifting, but there must be things he can do. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander even if they’re both lions. [Lion — Humph!]

At any rate, in a little bit, I’ll get myself moving. I have another portable air conditioner to unpack and set up. I have the associated curtain rod to install. And the lawn is still calling my name. Lots to do and, fortunately, or unfortunately, a lot of time to do it.


  1. For a FLR, Lion sure “asks” a lot from You….whether it’s hinting (again) that he’d like to be stimulated (again – AND with what toys and now at what time!) to nagging You (again) to perform manual labor (again). I mean…it’s annoying to read on your behalf and it’s not even my life! I understand day-to-day goes on and things have to get done – but really? The unpacking? AGAIN? It’s boring. Lion tops from the bottom. Constantly. Always. Orgasm Denial/Control and FLR need not exist simultaneously to thrive…why call something an FLR that isn’t? I don’t see much of it in the blog at all. I probably won’t see this comment either as I read recently he scans comments and only posts the “relevant” ones? C’mon…LOL

    1. Author

      Congratulations, Jay! Your comment has been deemed “relevant”. Since day-to-day goes on, perhaps I shouldn’t mention it. Clearly you don’t want to hear about it. Maybe Lion does top from the bottom. Maybe he’s nudging me to take more control. Now that he’s about to be out of work too, maybe it’s time I put my foot down.

    2. I’m glad Mrs. Lion chose to reply to you. Your comment is relevant. I don’t think it’s correct. However, Mrs. Lion decides how we conduct our FLRD. I think your model is more of a femdom scene. What we have is a full-time arrangement on top of a very loving marriage. That means that we do discuss things. It also means I can ask her to do things. Above all we are partners. I assume you don’t actually do any of the things you write about in your comment. Enjoy your fantasies but keep in mind that reality has to be considerably more flexible than your masturbatory dreams.

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