Merit Badges

I have reread Lion’s post for this morning. I’m wondering who gets the parades for being horny. I never did. When we first met, I admit there were mutual orgasms most of the time. There were certainly more for Lion. For the purposes of this conversation, I’m not counting multiple orgasms as multiples. Each orgasm, whether multiple or not, I’m counting as one. When we moved in together and Lion was getting an orgasm every night, he definitely wound up with more.

I believe, and this has been true from the beginning, that Lion’s needs have always been front and center. It’s been so long that I can’t remember exactly, but I know that at certain points, I decided to see how long we could go before he initiated. I know he hates to do it. He’ll say he’s been rejected too many times. Apparently, the answer is that we can go for months on end without him initiating. He says I only gave him a hand job once a month. Yeah. And? How many times did he initiate? I don’t think either of us has the answer to that question. I’m sure we’ll both remember it differently if we try.

By now, Lion is probably feeling selfish again. He shouldn’t. Wasn’t I selfish for cutting him off all those years ago? What did I think would happen? He couldn’t possibly have gone from horny teenager to once-a-month orgasm without masturbating along the way. Luckily, he figured out how to get us back on track. Somewhere along the line I lost the ability to prompt the horniness parade for myself, but he’s still got the whole marching band in his corner. I’m glad. He’s happier when he’s horny. Well, maybe not when he’s horny. He’s happier when he’s sexual.

Now, the question is, which one of us is earning the badges? Does he get them because he’s teased, edged and made to wait? Or do I get them for teasing him, edging him and making him wait? Which one of us will make full Lion Scout?

[Lion — No question about it! Mrs. Lion gets the merit badge for being amazingly loving. I don’t get a prize for waiting. It isn’t under my control. Mrs. Lion is the full Lion Scout!]