A New Deal

Yesterday, Lion took a shower while I made dinner. I figured I’d shower after dinner and we could settle in to see what developed from there. My friend on Facebook shared a magazine article with me about grocery shopping and how it’s better, right now, to limit contact by having food delivered. I had, not five minutes before her message, tried to have groceries delivered but there were no delivery times available. She was going stir crazy so she was going to the store and wanted to deliver whatever we needed to us so she’d have an excuse to stay out of the house longer. Normally I would have declined but she really seemed to be stir crazy and in need of a distraction.

Since she said she’d be going out in a few hours, I didn’t have a precise time frame for her arrival. It didn’t really matter because she was just going to leave the bags on the doorstep, but I wanted to personally thank her even if it was from across the yard. I stayed dressed rather than getting naked with Lion. By the time I got the groceries put away, it was already about 9. I’d wanted to take a shower, but that’s a little too late. Besides, we were already in the middle of a TV show.

A little while later, Lion asked if I could make scones today. I’d gotten some heavy cream a few weeks ago so I could make him some. At one point I checked the date to make sure it wouldn’t expire before I remembered to do it. I promised to do it. He thanked me and then said maybe we could also have sex today. Excuse me? I said OK, but I was really thinking, “Are you kidding me?”

It’s true that my face was buried in my iPad again, but I was watching TV and paying attention to him. Not paying attention to him, but we were talking. I was also giving up a shower waiting so my friend could deliver mostly salad stuff that Lion likes a lot more than I do. And he’s focused on sex.

OK. I get it. Sex is important to him. I won’t say my iPad is as important to me. That’s more of a distraction. And no, not a distraction from Lion. Maybe it’s not just a distraction. If you play games, you may understand that sometimes you get free lives and getting as far as you can in the games while you have those free games is nice. So maybe I am obsessed with it, but it’s still just a distraction. I guess maybe you can equate Lion’s need for BDSM-type play and my need for my iPad. We could both go without for a while, but eventually, we realize we need it.

I won’t say Lion needs sex like he needs air. Maybe he needs it like he needs vegetables. I know the food pyramid, or whatever shape they use now, says we all need vegetables but I could go a long time without caring if I have them. I guess my point is that I just tried to edge him the other night. Every other day is still the promise, yes? And yes, we’re together non-stop for however long it takes and maybe Lion thought that was a recipe for sex every day, at any point in the day. We’re definitely not on the same page.

When we first started seeing each other, we’d play during the day because that’s when we were free to do so. Once I moved in, we played in the evening. Every evening. Aside from evenings, I worked or if one of us wasn’t feeling well, Lion got an orgasm every night. I know he’s not asking for that now. He can’t. It’s not up to him when or how many orgasms he gets. Every other day doesn’t seem fair to him. We need to meet halfway. Actually, I need to meet him more than halfway. So, Lion, how’s this for a new commitment? I will give you sexual attention for at least six out of every seven days, assuming both of us are feeling well. During our sequestration and weekends in general, I’ll try to do more during the afternoons. Deal?

[Lion — Deal!]