I spent yesterday wearing a diaper. I really don’t like that. Mrs. Lion knows it and that’s why she makes me wear one every so often. It’s just another way she lets me know who’s in charge. She let me be wild again after my shower yesterday afternoon. She also played with me (sexually) after my shower. This was our first afternoon session in a long time. It felt great but I was unable to get to the edge. This seems to be the pattern recently. If history is the predictor, starting today I should be able to reach the edge.

So far, we’ve been having a good time. We like each other’s company and having this opportunity to be together 24 hours a day is a lot of fun. I am working from home and so is everyone else from my company. Thanks to very good technology, we have video meetings when we need to talk. I’ll tell you a little secret: they can’t see it, but I’m wearing nothing but a T-shirt. Yesterday, it was a T-shirt and a diaper.

We got a few surly comments complaining that with COVID-19 it was wrong for us to talk about sex. I deleted those ridiculous remarks. Lest anyone forget, this is a sex blog. We are supposed to write about sex; at least our version of it.

Other bloggers are more active. Being home gives them more opportunities to write. Also, I believe we share a responsibility to provide more reading material to entertain our shelter-in-place readers. I’m used to this sort of isolation. Mrs. Lion has always preferred it. I do understand that most everybody else has to compensate for this radical change in human contact. This is one time that being solitary critters is a distinct advantage.

I wonder why it is still so difficult to buy toilet paper or paper towels. By this time, you’d think everybody had more than enough. Distilleries have started making hand sanitizer. I guess that’s a good thing. Nobody has said whether or not using the sanitizers actually kills the coronavirus. Apparently, the consensus is that it’s a good idea to use these products. They are made out of glycerin and grain alcohol. Alcohol is not the best antimicrobial agent. I suppose it’s better than nothing. We use Provon soap for handwashing. This is the stuff that our Hospital and medical center use. Hopefully, that will keep us safer.

I suspect that Mrs. Lion has more fun and games planned for me. She is able to structure her days and take naps if she wants them. Perhaps she will have more energy for fun. She is bound to tell you before she tells me. If you’ve noticed, my morning post is coming in much later. We are on Pacific daylight time and I have been writing my post at about 9 AM. Usually, I write it the day before.

I’m sure I will have more interesting stuff to write about tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know how we’re doing. As of now, we’re both healthy and very happy to be home together. I’m still collecting my paycheck which makes things a lot simpler. See you tomorrow.


  1. The paycheque is the big thing. Life can go on without too many issues if we can pay our bills. My working from home is a little rough at the moment. We only have one computer and my wife uses it nonstop during the day. So I’m having to access it in the evening. But life will go on. Stay well! And I’m glad that sex still continues in the Lion Pride

    1. Author

      It might pay to pick up a cheap laptop. It looks like this will be going on for a while.

      1. True. But my office is very isolated. If I can get into the building then I have access to my resources and work computer. And I won’t have to see another soul. That’s what I’m hoping for

        1. Author

          Our offices are closed and vice president approval is needed to enter them. In this part of the country even if you have access to your office, you’re not supposed to go to work.

          1. At this point neither are we but next week we’ll be 17 days since we were at work.

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