It’s Gotten Wet Around Here

The rain came back the other day. We had a good run of sunshine and that may have contributed to people continuing to gather in spite of warnings to keep their distance. Maybe the rain came back to chase people indoors, although in the Pacific Northwest you get used to doing everything in the rain.

The other wetness is in Lion’s diaper. While I was in the shower last night, I decided to make him wear a diaper today. Then I decided to give him a choice. I didn’t really think it was much of a choice. He could either wear a diaper or I could put those evil, little clothespins on the head of his penis. To my surprise, he asked how many clothespins. Was he seriously considering them? Since I really wanted him to choose diapers, I told him three clothespins. I figured he’d never go for that. He still thought for a few minutes before deciding on diapers. He hates both but I thought diapers would be the easy decision.

I’m guessing he was trying to decide if he could handle a short time with the nasty clothespins versus a long time in an uncomfortable diaper. I wonder what he would have done if I had said two clothespins. We’ve never done more than two. I think he might have gone with the clothespins. The other thing I was going to offer instead of the clothespins was Icy Hot on his balls. Again, I wanted him to choose diapers, so I was looking for a horrible alternative. I decided against Icy Hot because I didn’t want to wind up with a face full of Icy Hot smell if I gave him oral sex. As it was, Lion was too cold to come out from under the blankets to play. We just snuggled a bit and held hands.

I think Lion is disappointed we didn’t do anything last night. More importantly, we didn’t do anything in the afternoon. I guess I assume when I see Lion move from his office to the bedroom and snuggle in under the blankets to watch TV that he’s cold and tired and looking for alone time. [Lion — Nope. Just tired of sitting at my desk.] Even if he is, I’ll have to check in with him to see if playtime is available. Maybe he does want to get warm and vegetate for a bit. Maybe he can tell me to check back in an hour. Maybe he’ll want to snuggle under the blankets and see what happens. Maybe he’ll rip off the blankets and ask what took me so long. Any of these is the correct answer!


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    Nope and Lion hasn’t annoyed me yet. I doubt that will last

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