This morning I went to Costco to get more of the dog’s medicine and some other supplies. I also went to a grocery store to get our medicine and still more supplies. Costco, to my surprise, wasn’t busy. There were no long lines outside. There were no crowds inside. Some people obviously aren’t listening when people tell them to go shopping alone. There were a few kids in the store, but certainly nothing like it normally is. Of course, since I didn’t get there at the crack of dawn, there was no toilet paper or paper towels. There were also no napkins or tissues. We have a decent supply of all those items but I figured I’d get them if they had them. It will save me a trip in the future.

When I got home, Lion was surprised by how much I spent. I looked at it as the last hurrah before we really go to ground. I don’t anticipate leaving the house very often after today’s excursion. Work is done for me for four weeks. Lion has been working from home. We can get food deliveries fairly easily and the supplies we have will sustain us for a long time while we cocoon ourselves in the house.

While I was out, I realized that I can take a shower whenever I want. That may seem like a strange statement, but even on the weekends I tend to wait until 8 to take a shower. I come home from work, make dinner, watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! and take a shower. But I’ll be home all the time for the next month or more. There’s absolutely no reason I can’t take a shower at 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning, for that matter. I joked yesterday at work that by the time we get back, we’ll all have forgotten our passwords and how to do our jobs. And I bet we’ll have forgotten how hard it is to work for eight hours.

Yesterday was a very long day. It was the kind of day when you’re sure it must be time for lunch but it’s only 10 am. It just dragged on and on. Maybe it was because I’d expected to have the day off or because I normally work half day on Fridays. Maybe it was similar to a kid in school anticipating summer vacation. It could also be spring fever. It’s been so sunny here lately. I think it would probably be easier for people to stay away from each other if the weather wasn’t beckoning everyone out to hike and play in the park. At any rate, yesterday was my last day at work and now there’s no reason to be up early, no reason to go to bed early, no reason to shower at 8 and no reason to go anywhere unless we need something.

Maybe it was because work seemed to be never-ending, I was just very tired last night. I’m a little tired right now from lifting and lugging shopping bags, but I’ll be alright later. But last night was more of an exhaustion. I felt the same way about a week ago when I took a sleeping pill to finally get some good sleep. Last night required no sleeping pill. I was struggling to stay awake watching TV. Tonight I promise to be more energetic. I can take a nap, shower early, and maybe even play with Lion before dinner. Well, that may be a bit optimistic. Maybe tomorrow we can play before dinner. I don’t want to peak too soon in my staycation. There’s plenty of time to play.