My Invisible Chastity Device

Mature Metal double locking cock ring

I am locked up again. I’m not in what you might call a chastity device. It’s a locking cock ring. The device is exactly the same as my Jail Bird with the bars removed. Made by the same people to the same size dimensions as my cage. I guess you can say this is the kind of chastity device you get to wear if you are a trustee. It locks on exactly the same way as the Jail Bird. I could probably pull my penis out, though I can’t imagine why I would want to do that. But I could never get my balls out unless it is unlocked.

For me, this is the same as wearing a cage. I am in no danger of masturbating. Seven years of training have seen to that. Nevertheless, being locked into this device makes it very clear to me and anyone else who happens to see it, that my penis does not belong to me. It belongs to my lioness who holds the key. The keys are securely locked away in her safe. I have absolutely no access to them.

penis in locking cock ring
It’s exactly the same as my Jail Bird (except for the double base ring). Without Mrs. Lion around, my erection is puny as you can see.

Aside from the fact that I’m on the honor system in terms of masturbation, the only other difference between this device and my cage is that I’m free to get erections. This is actually beneficial to my keyholder. Any arousal I experience without the possibility of ejaculation adds to my frustration and makes me more responsive to Mrs. Lion. I realize that some people consider wearing a chastity device a form of sensory deprivation. I’ve thought of it that way as well.

If you want to consider that there’s a possibility that I would have sex with some other female, this device is just as effective as a cage at preventing it. The bar on the top where the device locks would be most uncomfortable during intercourse. It doesn’t get in the way for masturbation. We already covered that.

I do like wearing a cage. I enjoy the confinement and the sure knowledge that I can’t even get hard. The trade-off is that it’s much more difficult for me to urinate in the toilet standing up. Sitting to pee is not an option now. Wearing this “cageless cage” is an excellent compromise.

I think the most significant value of wearing anything locked around a body part is the fact that it is something I can’t remove. It’s a powerful symbol that I am not in control of things; even my own body. Wearing a chastity device is similar to a submissive person wearing a collar. If the collar is locked on and the key taken away, is a powerful symbol of ownership. The chastity device or, for that matter, my locking cock ring, is a more intimate version of a slave collar. It is a very clear symbol of ownership.

Mrs. Lion is fond of the fact that she owns my penis. She calls it her “weenie”. She doesn’t feel it necessary to mark it or lock it away in a chastity device to display her ownership. I’m the one who likes that idea. She goes along with it because it serves her and pleases me.

In practical terms, it’s unlikely anyone other than her will see the device locked on me. We’ve always been careful to remove hardware before a doctor visit. I could probably go to a gym or locker room with the device on. I don’t think I would be able to get through a communal shower without drawing stares. Fortunately, I don’t have to face that.

It feels exactly the same as a cage. The only time I’m aware that it’s not is when I feel myself getting hard. With a cage on, I can feel the pressure of the bars restricting growth. With this device, I can feel a little bit of a squeeze as the penis ring presses in, but my erection can grow unrestrained. Speaking of which, erections without Mrs. Lion, especially when wearing this cock ring, aren’t very substantial. I don’t grow as long or thick. I don’t think that has to do with the ring. It’s just that it’s less exciting without my lioness.

The best way I can describe the experience of wearing this device is that it’s an invisible cage. It’s my Jail Bird minus the bars. It’s a little surprising how small a difference that makes.