More Effort Needed

We have four people from my office out sick today. I don’t think any of them have the coronavirus. They have sniffles and coughs and probably just the run-of-the-mill cold but I guess it pays to be cautious. What if your immune system is weakened by a cold and someone exposes you to the coronavirus?

My biggest problem is trying to stay awake with no one to talk to in my little office. Ordinarily, there would be at least one other person with me. On the plus side, that one person had a sore throat yesterday so maybe I’m lucky to be all alone. The thought crossed my mind to put a sign on the door warning people not to come in if they weren’t feeling well. If I had something like crime scene tape, I’d put that up.

Lion and I haven’t been sleeping very well. He was awake till about 2:30 in the morning but then slept fairly well. I slept but I guess not all that well. Sunday night I considered breaking out my CPAP machine to see if that would help and then had a mini-meltdown about how claustrophobic the mask would make me. I think I’ll save that for the last resort. We just need something to knock us out.

I wasn’t able to get Lion very excited last night. It was my fault. I waited too long and then I did nothing to get his motor running before I tried to rev things up. The result was sputtering between hard and soft and hard and soft. At the very least, we should have snuggled more. Assuming I get a second wind after I get home, I’ll do better tonight. Even if I don’t get that second wind, I bet a short nap will help.

His locking cock ring seemed to go on easier than the night before. It usually takes a few days to get comfortable with locking him up. I’m always afraid I’ll pinch him. Then I can’t get the hole lined up so the screw won’t thread. It can get frustrating. I guess I was already frustrated on Sunday when he asked me to lock him up. Lucky for Lion, this practice-makes-perfect concept means he’ll be unlocked and locked every night until I get it down to a science.

He was frustrated that he couldn’t get anywhere last night. He thinks he’s broken again. His argument is that it’s been nine days. I guess ten now. I’ve never thought the specific day had much to do with anything. Sure, there are some consistencies overall. Four days after an orgasm, he’s usually ready for another one. At a certain point, he’ll lose interest. But these are all averages. Sometimes he’s ready for another orgasm after two days. Sometimes he isn’t interested till the sixth day.

I think it has more to do with his overall mood and how much effort I put into getting him excited. If he’s tired, we’re probably not going to get very far. If I just grab hold of my weenie and start yanking, it will go something like it did last night. There’s no guarantee we’ll get anywhere tonight if he’s tired and I do all the right things. I mean, there’s no guarantee anyway, but there’s less of a guarantee if the stars don’t align just right.

We’ll get there. We always do eventually.