Vibrators don’t seem to do much for me. The sole exception to date is Mrs. Lion and her Magic Wand. Saturday, we tried our new inflatable, vibrating butt plug. It goes in at about 1 1/4 inches in diameter and inflates to about 2 inches. That felt good. I could barely feel the vibrations and they weren’t particularly erotic. Mrs. Lion tried masturbating me with the vibrator on. If anything, it was just distracting. I haven’t had a lot of luck with vibration. The new generation of vibration toys designed for men use much more powerful engines. Of the ones I’ve sampled, not one can bring me close to orgasm.

I don’t have much luck with mechanical sexual devices. I don’t understand why it’s a problem since they work so well for other people. I think it would be very convenient for Mrs. Lion if she could get some mechanical help other than the Magic Wand. In fairness, we’ve only tried the Autoblow once. It may need more focused use to train me to accept it. Mrs. Lion is not inclined to use toys, particularly toys designed to make me ejaculate. I’ve asked her about it, but she has no real answer about why they don’t interest her. I’m not complaining. She’s very skillful at edging me and eventually getting me off without mechanical help.

Lion wearing his locking cock ring
I’m wearing the Mature Metal locking cock ring. It’s an unmistakable sign of ownership.

On Saturday I asked her about me wearing a locking device. I haven’t been spending a lot of time in one of my chastity devices because they all make it rather difficult to pee accurately. Sitting isn’t an option for me right now because I find it very difficult to get up again. I found a locking scrotum collar online. It’s heavy and acts as a ball stretcher. It also has four screws that can be put in using an Allen wrench to make wearing the device more uncomfortable. I wasn’t looking for the CBT value, just a non-removable symbol of my submission.

I showed the listing to Mrs. Lion. She was notably uninterested. Then, I remembered my Mature Metal locking cock ring. This is a very comfortable device that unmistakably demonstrates I belong to someone. Mrs. Lion was receptive to me wearing it. Now, all we have to do is find it. The device is wearable full-time. I think I could even keep it on when being sexually stimulated. We never tested that theory. If that’s true, it will be much more convenient for Mrs. Lion not to have to take it off every time she wants to play with me.

I miss not wearing a symbol of my ownership. I imagine I will be able to go back to the chastity device as my strength builds up. It’s not safe now because my balance remains iffy. On Friday night I gave myself a black eye when I lost my balance standing over the toilet. I hit the molding around the window over the toilet with my eye. Fortunately, I got bruised and cut, but no eye damage.

It’s nearly a year since my surgery. The spinal surgery was supposed to make more room for my spinal cord. I’ve had a couple of MRIs since then, and that part of the surgery was successful. Unfortunately, decompressing the spinal cord shocked it. That shock is what is responsible for my current physical difficulties. I’m getting better very slowly. I’m also losing patience.

Finding a locking device to wear is one way I can help compensate until I can go back to full-time chastity device wearing. That doesn’t mean Mrs. Lion won’t put me back in my cage. I imagine it won’t be too long before we go from a non-chastity locking device to one that forces me to keep my hands away. I don’t know when this will happen. That’s completely up to Mrs. Lion.

I’m learning to blindly trust Mrs. Lion’s judgment. I’m not making very many suggestions. I’m trying to patiently wait for her to decide how she wants to proceed with me. I do look for alternatives when something I know she likes isn’t currently possible. That’s the reason I found the device with the spikes, and then later remembered we had the locking cock ring.

We’ve reached the point that I am no longer asked for my input in terms of punishments. I’m allowed to ask if I have one coming, but that’s all. I think we’re moving in the same direction with sex. My input is less and less welcome. I think that’s as it should be.