Early But Awkward

Lion requested that we play earlier than usual yesterday. He’s been requesting it for a while. Sometimes I’ve moved things up an hour or so, but yesterday we tried to play around 4. We woke up late and I let the day get away from me while waiting to see if it would stay nice long enough to replace the truck’s mirror. It didn’t. So, at 4, when Lion asked if we were going to do anything, I decided we should play. However, I wasn’t prepared.

We’ve both bought toys recently that we haven’t used. Lion’s latest acquisition is an inflatable, vibrating butt plug. I wanted to use it but I wasn’t sure if we should since Lion had injured himself near his eye. I thought the increased pressure of him on his knees would hurt. I picked out a finger vibrator that we hadn’t used either. Lion didn’t want that. I was already at a loss for what to do so we went back to the inflatable butt plug.

Uninflated, it went in very easily. When I tried to inflate it, Lion said he needed an enema. For some reason, I never think about enemas before we do anal play. Things went much better after the enema. Unfortunately, the vibration didn’t do a thing for Lion. I’m surprised the Magic Wand works so well. Lion suggested it might work better with him on his back. It didn’t.

Once I removed the butt plug, I gave Lion a handjob. To me, there was nothing different about this handjob from any other time. I don’t think the butt plug added anything. Then again, I was not on the receiving end. It may have made all the difference in the world to Lion. I was able to get him very close to the edge and that’s all that matters. [Lion — It didn’t feel any diferent]

When I went to make dinner, Lion grumbled about being horny and frustrated. Ever the sympathetic mate, I told him he wouldn’t be so frustrated if he didn’t make me edge him. Of course, he didn’t make me do anything. And being frustrated is part of the fun of enforced male chastity.