Self-reporting Infractions

Tuesday night meant another trip back to the doctor’s office. This time it was Lion’s turn to have blood drawn for his appointment Friday. We also ate at a restaurant we haven’t been to in quite a while, thanks to a gift card I won in a drawing at work. We got home in plenty of time for me to shower and spank Lion for spilling food on his shirt.

He brought up an interesting point yesterday. He told me he spilled coffee on his shirt. Is this a spankable offense? I wasn’t home to see it. He self-reported his bad behavior. I figure I’m not going to go through the laundry to see if he spilled when I’m not there. On the other hand, if he tells me he did it, am I not required to spank him? We settled on self-reporting being spankable and I’ll spot check the laundry just to keep him honest.

When I was ready to spank him, I grabbed the rubber paddle. It was on top of my dresser. I told him to get in milking position. It’s the best position to see his sit spot. He was yelping almost immediately. I didn’t think I was hitting very hard but the rubber paddle is heavy and springs back so very little effort is required.

After I got him all rosy, he said I must have found my favorite paddle. Did I? I just picked it because it was on top. There’s no more to read into it than that. Tonight, as practice, I’ll use a wooden paddle with him in that same position. He wants to try to stack pillows up to see if that will help him stay in milking position. When it starts to hurt a lot he has a tendency to try to get away. It’s also difficult for him to hold himself up with his bum shoulders. I assume it may just feel like I’m hitting harder because the skin is stretched tighter. If I can see his sit spot better, I’m hitting on more muscle than when he’s down on his tummy. In a flatter position, I’m hitting looser skin. I don’t want to say flab, but there’s more jiggle.

I gave him some time to recover from his whomping before I played with him. His shoulders have been hurting a lot lately. This may be another reason not to use the milking position for spanking. Rather than give him a boring, old hand job, I had him move over so I could give him a boring, old blow job. It took a while to get him hard again. And then he never quite made it to the edge before I had to stop. My neck started hurting. I chugged along for quite a while before I crapped out. Luckily, he was happy enough with what I was able to do for him.
{ To be continued…}