Prompt Spanking Punishment

lion spanked with small blue paddle
This small, blue paddle is remarkably heavy for its size. It fits nicely between my cheeks as well as scoring solidly on my perineum and other very sensitive spots.

We had some firsts yesterday. Mrs. Lion took the day off from work so that she could take me to the doctor for a post-surgical visit after my tooth extraction last week. I got a clean bill of health. After the visit, we decided to go have lunch. We hadn’t eaten out in quite a while. I had a hot turkey sandwich. Unfortunately, I managed to get some of it on my shirt. That is a spankable offense.

When we got home, I immediately got my pants and underpants off. Mrs. Lion brought out her nasty little blue paddle. She told me to kneel on the bed in the same position I am in for milking. She likes the way this exposes my entire sit spot as well as my perineum and crack. The spanking was incredibly painful. It was very hard for me to stay in position. I yelped right from the start. I had never had my perineum spanked before. Wow, did it hurt! I tried to hold still, but it was very difficult.

This is the first time I’ve been punished at the earliest possible moment after I committed an offense. It was probably less than a half-hour between the spill in the restaurant and my bare butt presented to Mrs. Lion. Aside from the fact it was a particularly painful spanking, there was no doubt in my mind why I was hurting. There really is something to be said about punishing at the earliest possible time. Mrs. Lion said she felt a bit rushed but she was glad that the punishment was more meaningful for me.

Swift and sure retribution appears to be much more effective for me. The new position for spanking clearly exposed new soft, vulnerable spots much less accessible when I am flat on the bed. It will probably take me some time to learn to stay still in this new position. I guess you can teach an old lion new tricks. I expect Mrs. Lion will schedule near-daily “practice” until I learn to stay in position.

Mrs. Lion is expanding her horizons as well. From my perspective this was a very different kind of spanking. As you can see in the picture at the top of this post, she did leave a couple of marks. Most of her attention was focused on places that have almost never felt the touch of a paddle. There is no question that Mrs. Lion has upped her game.

It’s probably the wrong word to use, but I really like that my punishment came directly on the heels of my offense. In my mind, the longer the lag between doing something wrong and paying for it, the more abstract it becomes. I also like that Mrs. Lion is selecting spots to spank that I would never suggest. She’s putting me in a position that is very hard for me to maintain and she is going after the places that hurt the most. Maybe lioness 4.0 isn’t far off after all.


  1. It’s always good to spank shortly after the incident. But no later than 24 hours though.

    1. Author

      We’ve discovered that too.

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