The Lion Says “Moo”

It’s been a long time since I’ve done it, but Lion has requested that I milk him. I’ll need to have a refresher course. I know Lion needs to be on his knees. I know I jerk him off from behind, but I don’t remember what else is involved.

Lion has already said it has to be an ongoing process for it to work. We’re not really consistent with ongoing processes. One of us always has a reason to stop. Usually it’s me and my achiness that kills it. I can’t stand for long, or bending over is difficult or some other excuse. Sometimes, and I think this is more likely, I lose interest. If I didn’t then I’m sure we’d be right back at it as soon as I felt better.

Case in point: anal play. How long has it been since we’ve done anything anal? Why did we stop? Was Lion not feeling well? Was I not feeling well? And why didn’t we start up once that reason was over? I bet it was because I forgot. And if I remembered, why didn’t I start again? I know if I said we were starting again, Lion would be wagging his butt in the air in an instant.

I need to get better at being consistent with things. The only thing I’m consistent with is being inconsistent. My losing interest is no excuse for not doing things. If Lion wants it, I should do it. And doing it means continuing on with it even if we need to stop because of illness.

Tonight I’ll get a refresher course on milking and we’ll go from there. If memory serves, it won’t be easy or immediately fruitful. It will take time. Deep breath. It will take time.