My Bottom Line

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I seem to have gotten my sexual mojo back. My last orgasm was on Saturday night and on Monday I was hard and ready for Mrs. Lion’s oral attention. It felt amazing! She’s speculated that maybe my heightened libido is somehow linked to the punishment spanking I received earlier Monday evening. It’s true that thinking about being spanked turns me on. It’s also true that Monday night’s crack spanking wasn’t as painful as my usual disciplinary spanking.

most tender spanking spots
These two (circled areas) are my spanking “tenders”. They are soft, sensitive spots that react strongly to being spanked.

Monday night she focused on two areas of my derrière: what I call my “lion tenders” and my crack. These are areas that are almost always overlooked when Mrs. Lion spanks me. The tenders are soft skin at the very bottom of my ass. See the picture to the right. She pulls one side back and then spanks the other. She then pulls the freshly spanked side and pays attention to the one she was holding before. This doesn’t feel the same as swats on the rest of my bottom or my thighs.

Then she pulls my crack apart a little higher and spanks the inside as she holds one side away. This also presents me with a new and unpleasant sensation. It wasn’t too bad on Monday night. Mrs. Lion had selected a lightweight wooden spoon. I don’t know which end she used, but the most it could do was sting a little. I also thought she probably was taking it easy because she was working in new areas. She didn’t get close to my anus because her implement wasn’t narrow enough.

I think she may require me to hold my cheeks apart so that she can get better access and more swinging room. I’m pretty sure that when she finds the implement she likes for this particular portion of a spanking it will be very difficult for me to keep spreading my cheeks for her.

She brought up an interesting point. She said that she didn’t think I should enjoy any sort of spanking whether it was punishment, maintenance, or just practice. I’m not sure why she decided to say that at this particular point in time, but I believe it was prompted by the fact that I was so sexually aroused a couple of hours later.

In the past, Mrs. Lion has said that her objective during the spanking is to get my buns nice and red. I think she’s beginning to realize that this is too easy for me. I agree. I also agree that I shouldn’t enjoy maintenance or practice spankings. If the concept of corporal punishment as a form of education is to work, I have to really dislike being spanked. Period.

I wonder if she is suggesting that if I am easily sexually aroused an hour later then she has to assume the punishment was too mild. I don’t know. Perhaps. I suspect that she will adopt a different standard. I think she knows me well enough to be able to gauge how I feel after a spanking. Aside from the color of my buns, perhaps she observes how easily I go back to enjoying my evening. If I seem to just roll over with little reaction, I would think she might want to consider telling me to get back on my tummy and continue her spanking until my reaction is more appropriate.

We’ve never talked about this. Mrs. Lion never commented about the degree of this pleasure I feel after punishment. I think she’s got a point. Maybe she needs to also put me on the punishment stool as well.

When Mrs. Lion was experimenting, her term for practicing severe spankings, she didn’t worry about how I felt about my beating. As a matter of fact, those experiments were the most severe spankings she’s ever given me. If she remembers what she did, maybe that will help her take the fun out of getting my bottom swatted. Poor lion.