A Long Way

Lion wasn’t feeling very well over the weekend. He had a sore throat and thought he might be coming down with something. It’s probably the same thing I’ve been fighting for a few weeks. He snoozed most of the evening. I owed him swats but I knew he needed sleep more than swats so I let him snooze.

This morning he’s feeling better. Maybe not all the way better, but enough to receive punishment tonight. I, on the other hand, an not feeling well. Right now I’m battling to stay awake. I’m confident that I’ll be doing better when I get home.

Since I didn’t punish him last night, I was thinking we’d be better off if I gave him his swats as soon as I walk through the door. Obviously I’ll need to get a little settled first, but shortly thereafter I should be able to whomp him. This will give him some time between his punishment and any play we do later on. It will also get me before I sink into the comfort of being home and not wanting to do anything.

Yesterday I made the short trek out to the camper to retrieve narrow paddles. I didn’t find what I was looking for but I found some suitable alternatives. I think the ones I was looking for are in the giant toy box. I’m just not up for rummaging through that. I found a crop that has a fairly narrow head and a somewhat lightweight wooden spoon with a handle of about an inch and a half. I think those will work fine in Lon’s crack. If not, I guess I’ll be digging into the toy box at some point.

For the moment, I’m focusing on his crack. I haven’t forgotten about the rest of his butt. I just want to concentrate on one thing at a time. Eventually, I’ll probably need multiple paddles to cover his whole butt. The narrow ones won’t do much damage to the more cushioned areas. I’ll need the big guns for that.

I guess we’ve come a long way since I started punishing Lion. I’m sure we still have a long way to go.