Wanking And Spanking

There are a few things that we don’t usually talk about in our posts. I suppose they are potentially sensitive areas. One that I almost never mention is how I get to ejaculate. Mrs. Lion lost interest in sex for herself some years ago. She can still have orgasms but doesn’t really care for them. (I’ll never really understand that) As a result, any sex I get is purely for me.

Most of my sexual activity does not result in ejaculation. Mrs. Lion teases me until I’m just ready to come. Then she stops. Invariably she does this with her hand. When she does decide to let me ejaculate 75% of the time she uses her hand the same way she does when she teases me. The other 25% represent oral sex. In 2019 that was 16 oral orgasms. All the rest of my sexual activity was provided by Mrs. Lion’s hand. She’s very good at it. The last time we had vaginal sex was in April 2018.

There are good reasons for this trend. For one thing, it’s a lot easier for Mrs. Lion to jerk me off then to get her body into position to suck or fuck me. I know she likes to have me in her mouth, it’s just more difficult for her. A more subtle nuance is that none of my orgasms have been generated by anything I do. A year or two ago Mrs. Lion let me hump her hand until I came. She’s let me do that again since then but always takes over the motion herself after a while. I think it’s fun to get to hump.

mrs lion makes lion ejaculate
75% of my orgasms are at Mrs. Lion’s hand. That’s really us when I still had my frenum piercing.

Sex for me is always with me lying on my back, legs wide apart. I’m not sure I could come in any other position at this point. When Mrs. Lion uses her mouth, I generally bring my knees up to give her more room between my legs. It’s a very female position. I suppose it’s an inevitable sex-role reversal. I never gave it a lot of thought when we first started male chastity. But it makes perfect sense. If I surrender all sexual control, by definition I am the “passive” partner. My sexual stimulation is 100% dependent on Mrs. Lion.

We have a couple of male sex toys that so far have not been very successful. Of course, we’ve only tried each of them once. We have a couple of Fleshlights. I only tried one of them for a brief time. We have a Lelo F1 vibrating sleeve, and an Autoblow ai. That looks promising but we only gave it one brief try. The only sex toy that has been successful getting me off is the Magic Wand. Mrs. Lion can use it to edge me and, if she wants, make me squirt.

I don’t think any of the changes I’ve discussed were conscious choices on her part. They evolved out of a need for convenience and comfort. I don’t get a choice. Since that’s the case, it’s very much a “beggars can’t be choosers” situation. Mrs. Lion does let me decide whether or not she uses lube when she masturbates me. Generally, I prefer her dry hand.

magic wand on lion's penis
When Mrs.Lion uses the Magic wand here, she almost always gets juicy results.

Since the process of edging or getting me off is very one-way, it sometimes becomes almost mechanical. At least that’s how it feels to me. Mrs. Lion almost never tickles my balls or puts a finger in my ass while she stimulates me. She’s never asked me to get on my knees so she can “milk” me. And, as I said before it’s been years since I’ve been allowed to hump myself to glory or at least to the edge when she let’s go.

I know she’ll never let me use my own hand. I wonder if she thinks that allowing me to hump her hand is too close to letting me jerk off. It would be fair to make that assumption. I can accept that. It might also be fun to hump her lubed hand. I’m not sure I will like it as well as her dry hand, but I certainly would enjoy trying.

This post represents a tricky kind of topic. It’s almost rude of me to ask for sexual activities. I should just feel lucky that I get any sex at all. Make no mistake, I do. Now that we are in our seventh year of enforced male chastity, I’m beginning to realize that maybe it’s fair for me to ask for more variety. It’s also perfectly fair of Mrs. Lion to tell me that I’m lucky to get whatever she chooses to give me. She would be absolutely right.

In other news
I was spanked Thursday night for interrupting Mrs. Lion on Wednesday. It was a very different spanking than any I’ve gotten before. Mrs. Lion brought out her small, nasty blue silicone paddle. She focused my entire spanking on the tender area between my cheeks. She started by spreading my upper thighs and working both sides of my lower crack. Then she spread my cheeks further up and continued her assault.

At first, it was exciting. Her warm-up swats weren’t painful enough to keep me from beginning to get hard. When she started her second trip from the bottom of my crack upward, the swats were much harder and I was yelping loudly. When she finished, she commented that she got a nice red color. It was burning between my buns. That area is extremely tender.

I think she pulled her punches a bit this first time. There are no bruises and I can’t feel it the day after. I’m very sure that next time she won’t be so gentle. It feels very vulnerable when she pulls my cheeks apart and spanks me in that virgin territory. I know that she has focused some of her attention between my cheeks in the past. She never made it the theme of my entire spanking. I wonder how she feels about it.

The reason I’m sure the future inside spankings will be harder is that it takes a while for her to work out exactly how much force to apply and where the best place to aim is. I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t get maintenance inside spanking in the next day or so. She needs to zero in on just what will make it most miserable for me.


  1. Nice post. I feel better now, not being alone with wife’s lack of sex drive. Orgasms are low here too. With her, I usually get a paddling through my panties (my choice of underwear), then if I’m lucky she’ll help me jerk off into these panties. Seems the best I can do with her lately. Hug, cd sara

    1. Author

      I feel lucky that Mrs. Lion loves me enough to take such good care of me.

  2. It’s interesting how even our means of ejaculating can be so Pavlovian when controlled. I can’t recall the last “normal” one I’ve had, and my owner pointed out that she doesn’t think I could have a penis-only, uncaged orgasm at this point. Power exchange indeed.

    A lengthy between the cheeks spanking is terrifying. Good luck.

    1. Author

      I’m not sure what’s normal anymore. A between the cheeks spanking definitely is different. Mrs. Lion is only just starting to work out the best way to do it. I expect she’ll need lots of practice.

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