Boiling Point

In his post this morning Lion asked why I would put off a punishment spanking. On Wednesday, he had PT and a dentist appointment. He was in a fair amount of pain. What if that pain lasted into Thursday night? It’s possible. I’d be heartless if I discounted his pain and punished him anyway.

Lion insists his arm has nothing to do with his spanking position. He says he’s on his tummy. This is true but pain doesn’t necessarily care if the particular part is in use. Pain does its own thing. It can make your life miserable even if you’re babying the effected area. It is entirely possible that his shoulder pain could overshadow any pain I could inflict on his butt. In that case, it would just annoy his shoulder more to whomp him and it would waste my time because the pain wouldn’t reach the intended target.

Another contention of his, from his post, is that a maintenance spanking and a punishment spanking are different. When he asked me about this yesterday I said I thought we decided they should be the same. The point of the maintenance spanking is to keep his buns in practice for punishment spanking. It’s true I don’t tend to spank as long or even as hard as I would if I was trying to improve his behavior but it should be right up there. What I didn’t take into account was his feeling about a maintenance spanking. I guess I assumed there would be a different mindset between a play spanking and a punishment spanking, but I didn’t realize there was a difference between a maintenance spanking and a punishment spanking. In hindsight (sorry) it makes sense because I just said I don’t tend to hit as hard or as long with a maintenance spanking so I must see it differently too.

Lastly, Lion said he thinks I have trouble accepting that his annoying behavior should be punished. I guess this is true but I think there’s more to it than that. I think he should be happy I acknowledge that he annoyed me at all given the fact that I never used to. Besides that, punishing him for annoying me seems to be more in 4.0’s realm and she doesn’t come around much yet. It will take time. I think it has more to do with it being a new concept than being something I’m trying to correct from my past. Plus, just “me” wonders why we’re trying to correct interrupting. People do it all the time. It’s only 3.0 and up who think Lion should pay for this transgression. It’s very difficult for “me” to get worked up about it, let alone punish for it.

I know I’m weird. I sound like I have all these personalities. Maybe if you look at them as moods, it makes more sense. If I’m in a laid back mood, Lion can do a lot of things he wouldn’t be able to get away with if I’m already annoyed by something. I guess I need to figure out how to keep 4.0 simmering on the back burner so she can reach full boil when needed.