Time for Some Practice

I unlocked Lion last night. We weren’t able to really snuggle. Lion hurt his arm when he went to PT and just touching it sent him into orbit. By the time I played with him he wasn’t all that interested. I’m not sure he was really all that interested, to begin with. As he said, it was only six days since his orgasm. Still, I tried. And I did get him hard but no further. That’s fine. As long as it felt good to him and we had some time together.

Even though we weren’t really able to snuggle I stayed close. We held hands when I couldn’t maintain my almost-snuggle position. It’s true that we haven’t been as close as usual for the past week or so. I’ll have to make sure we stay close from now on.

A few days ago, Lion lost a crown. I suggested he make his dentist appointment on Wednesday since he has PT very close to the dentist’s office. Last night he said they offered him an appointment today and he should have taken it because his tooth hurt. This morning I checked in to see if he’d tried to get the appointment today and he said he’d wait till Wednesday. I appreciate his trying not to take me away from work but I also don’t want him to be in pain unless I want him to be in pain. He laughed at me when I said that. But it’s true.

I don’t want his shoulder to hurt. He didn’t ask for that. The pain I cause is requested in some form or another. I know he doesn’t ask me directly to put Icy Hot on his balls. That’s a more subtle request. He’s asked me to play with him. Clothespins, tying his balls tightly and Icy Hot are all things I use to turn him on. He also asks indirectly to be punished. He doesn’t say he’s been a bad boy and deserves to be punished. He breaks rules. That signals his need to be punished.

I am definitely not saying he breaks a rule on purpose. But when he does it’s an indirect request to be punished…even though sometimes he might make a direct request not to be punished. Like a traffic cop who lets you go with a warning for speeding, I might let Lion off with a warning. However, the next time you go speeding past that cop, he’ll have his ticket book out when he walks up to the car. My paddle is my ticket book.

Lion has been a very good boy lately. He’s been remembering punishment day. He’s been getting the coffee ready for the next morning. He hasn’t been annoying me. Of course, this means his buns are forgetting how to take a beating. I guess I’ll have to rectify the situation with a maintenance spanking either tonight or tomorrow night. I have to keep both his buns and my arms in practice.

Whether I swat him tonight or not, we’ll have some snuggle time and Lion fun time even if it doesn’t go any further than getting him hard. After all, I have to keep my weenie in practice too.

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