Not A Lot To Say

I’ve been snoozing a lot. I know Mrs. Lion mentioned it in their post yesterday. I don’t think it’s a reaction to taking any sleeping medication. I think I’m just tired. I’m doing the best I can taking care of things here and at work. It’s a lot harder since my eyes have been bothering me. For the record, I’m not all that interested in sex right now either. I know it’s only been a few days since my last orgasm. I wouldn’t be surprised if my wait is just as long this time. Maybe I’m just slowing down.

I think the sore on the penis has healed. If I’m awake tonight, I’m pretty sure the chastity device goes back on. I think the two of us have a hard time with long periods of cloudy, rainy days. We probably live in the wrong place. I do wish Mrs. Lion would unpack more stuff. I understand she’s tired too.

My ability to use my right arm keeps improving. My physical therapist says my deltoid muscle is starting to function again. I can reach a little higher each day. This is a very big help. I know this isn’t the sort of post you were hoping I would write. It’s the best I can do today. Look forward to something more entertaining tomorrow.


  1. feeling better getting sleep and rest all important
    hope all is within reach soon

    1. Author

      We are both rested today. I go back into my cage again.

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