In Sickness and in Whatever This Is

Lion has been snoozing a lot. He’s very tired. I don’t know if he’s getting sick or if the sleeping pills accumulate in his system and take a long time to wear off. I know I can take sleeping pills for two nights without issue. If I take them a third night in a row I’m a zombie the next day. My sinuses have been killing me for a few days. We’ve had non-stop rain and that usually does it. Today we seem to be getting a break – from the rain, not my sinuses.

With Lion snoozing and my halfway-cold, we haven’t been doing anything exciting. Lion is still wild. I haven’t even checked his sore spot. I assume by now it must be almost gone. I’m hoping we can do something tonight, even if it’s just snuggling. It’s hard to snuggle with a snoozing Lion.

Unfortunately, that’s the extent of the news around here. Lion has been a good boy. He hasn’t broken any rules. It’s kind of hard to get in trouble when you’re asleep a lot of the time. Maybe that’s his latest defense mechanism. Play dead and you can’t be punished. It’s been working so far.

For the past few weekends I’ve been mostly sitting around playing the Sims and not unpacking anything. Last night it occurred to me that the more I unpack at this point, the more I have to repack if Lion decides he doesn’t want to live here after September 1. Maybe that’s my latest defense mechanism. Yeah. I’ll stick with that. It sounds much better than my being lazy. Besides that, I think I deserve some down time. Last year was basically 365 days of running to doctors and moving to a new house. This year I get to relax a bit.

Now I get to go do laundry, take care of some recycling and run some errands. Yup. I’m being lazy.


  1. I think I would like to have you come and live with me. You are one “Superwoman”!

    1. She’s taken.

  2. So what happens on September 1st?

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