Sometimes Pinching is a Bad Thing

I did not put Lion back in his cage last night. It was a weird night. Lion was very tired and his stomach was upset. But the reason I didn’t lock him up is because he has a sore spot. I noticed it the other night. I think I pinched him while I was getting the cage on or off.

Since he spent a lot of the night snoozing, he didn’t have an opportunity to make snide remarks about any TV shows. Of course, Grey’s Anatomy is on tonight so he still has a shot at getting himself in trouble. I don’t think he’ll do it on purpose but he might forget the rule.

I do want to make it clear that Lion will go back in his cage as soon as his sore spot is gone. It’s not that I’m forgetting or that I don’t want him back in the cage. I want him to be healthy. The more we irritate the sore, the longer it will last. Does that mean I won’t even play with him? That depends. If he’s too sore to play then we won’t play. I’m not sure how much he wants to play anyway since he had his orgasm a few days ago.

When things like this happen, it’s easy to allow distance to grow between us. We have to make an effort to snuggle and hold hands to stay close. Obviously if one of us isn’t feeling well we wouldn’t want to be too close. That’s a good way to pass colds or the flu back and forth. On the other hand, by the time we knew we were sick we probably contaminated the other through kisses and snuggles anyway. So we should just be close and suffer together. Together is better anyway.

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