Receiving End of a Paddle

I got it! It finally hit me this morning. Lion’s new rule is that he can’t keep muttering “soap opera” under his breath when I’m watching “Grey’s Anatomy” or other shows that have storylines that diverge from the premise of the show. Yes, “Grey’s Anatomy” is a medical show but it never claimed to be 100% about medicine. It’s about the people too. It would be pretty boring if it was all operations and broken bones.

Lion loved “Suits”. It was about a law practice but there was a high dose of soap opera in it. Occasionally I’d point that out simply because he always makes the comment during my shows. He said he knew it did. Apparently that was okay because it was his show. He liked the characters and could follow along. He doesn’t pay enough attention to my shows to be able to follow the soap opera storyline.

I find it incredibly annoying when he makes comments during my shows. I usually don’t during his shows unless I’m jabbing him with the same comments he makes about mine. So now he has a new rule. Those comments will earn him a sore butt.

I should clarify. If he says he’s lost because he can’t follow the soap opera parts, he won’t be punished. If he just mutters something about it being a soap opera, he’ll be on the receiving end of a paddle.

Aren’t you proud of me for thinking of a substantial rule? I am. I’m actually finding things that piss me off.

Woohoo! Go me!


  1. Ms. Lion, Good for You!

    I sometimes express my opinionated views of some of the news shows my wife (Lady Cora) watches often without regard for her feelings. She should probably react the same way you do and administer a good application of her Hairbrush or Paddle, too. I certainly deserve it.

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