Zero To Six Inches In Seconds

I continue to be surprised by my sexual reactions. On Monday night, rather late for me, Mrs. Lion unlocked me. Before she could begin playing with my cock, I was nearly completely hard. That is incredibly unusual for me. I was completely turgid seconds after her hand began masturbating me. What’s going on? I haven’t reacted like this in years. I was more surprised than she was.

I had pretty much given up on her unlocking me. It was past 10 o’clock and, to tell the truth, I wasn’t feeling particularly sexy. In fact, I haven’t been feeling aroused while the chastity device is locked on me. Just before she went for the keys, I was thinking to myself that the device really isn’t necessary. Sex didn’t seem to be very top of mind. Then, boom! The cage came off and the blood flowed into my penis at a startling rate.

I would’ve understood this reaction if this were the first chastity device I ever wore. Before my first lockup I had lots of very sexy fantasies that invariably ended with my penis freed from its cage, standing at attention, ready to explode at the slightest touch. I stopped thinking that way a long time ago. Normally, when locked in a chastity device, I don’t particularly react when the cage is removed. I only start getting hard after Mrs. Lion plays with my penis for a while. On rare occasions, when my mind had been in high gear fantasizing about sexy activity, I got hard rather quickly after the cage came off.

This time I wasn’t thinking about sex at all. My internal question about whether or not I would be unlocked was more academic than visceral. There were no pinch spots and the cage was sitting comfortably between my legs. I was prepared to spend another 24 hours in lockup. I know what you’re thinking. I must have been surprised the same way I might have been if someone suddenly came in with a birthday cake. I startle a bit and then realize that fun was coming. The fact that I hadn’t been thinking about sex at all might have even contributed to the very big reaction I had.

Nope. That wasn’t the case at all. While she was unlocking me I was thinking to myself that I wasn’t all that interested in doing anything. I was curious about whether or not my penis would be dry after being washed in the shower three hours earlier. One of our readers commented that his biggest problem isn’t keeping clean, but getting dry after a shower. I was wondering if it mattered very much if I did remain a bit damp.

These were definitely not sexy thoughts. As soon as Mrs. Lion slid the top of the cage off and then quickly followed with the center section I could feel little stirrings. I immediately took off the base ring. The last thing I want is to be erect, or on the way, while trying to extract myself from the 44 mm ring that anchors the chastity device. I barely managed to get the ring off before I felt growth. Yes, that’s right, growth. My cock was getting hard and Mrs. Lion hadn’t touched it yet. What the hell!

How do I go from a thought about whether or not a damp penis would be bad for my skin to a throbbing erection in a matter of seconds? It just doesn’t make sense. To add to the confusion, after a long session of being masturbated by Mrs. Lion, I was nowhere near the edge. In fact, I had started to lose that famous erection. She asked me if I was done. “I suppose so,” I said.

Another sexual mystery. Once safely locked in the cage again, I started thinking back over the last few days. I couldn’t come up with a single occasion when my penis tried to get hard inside the chastity device. Not one.

Still, I’m sure you can understand how this sudden arousal might have taken place. The thing is that while I was getting that instant erection, I was still thinking about whether or not my penis was damp. In fact, I asked Mrs. Lion if it was. All the time, my erection continues to grow. It was like it had no connection to my brain at all. It took its cue from the nylon chastity device being removed. Once freed, it took off like a bird suddenly allowed out of its cage. Like the bird, it had no idea where it was going or why it was leaving.

I’ve heard the expression that a hard cock has a mind of its own. This is usually said in reference to foolhardy sexual activity. In this case, my cock actually had a mind of its own. The rest of me was simply along for the ride. I enjoyed the experience on one level. It always feels wonderful when my penis grows hard. On another level it was confusing. Of course, I realize that being unlocked meant that Mrs. Lion would be playing with my penis. It had a perfect right to anticipate the fun. But generally, my mind leads the flesh; not vice versa.

Equally puzzling is the complete absence of arousal while locked up. I have no idea what this means. Have I finally been trained to restrict sexual arousal to specific times that Mrs. Lion wants me to enjoy it? I just don’t know. Is it related to the new Evotion chastity device? Again, I don’t know. I’m learning that I don’t know an awful lot.


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