No Orgasm Yet

If I remember to do it, I’ll be taking the test for Jeopardy! either tonight or tomorrow night. I doubt I’ll score high enough to be invited for any followup testing, but I thought it would be fun to try. Many years ago, they announced a family Jeopardy! show. My son and I went to Manhattan to take the test. However, it turned out they couldn’t figure out exactly how to accomplish a tag team game so we just had a fun night. We could have still taken the individual test but we really wanted to do the family show.

This afternoon I’ll be leaving work early again to pick Lion up from his after school program. That’s what it feels like. It’s actually physical therapy. I don’t know if we’ll do dinner while we’re out. Lion hasn’t been eating much lately. His tummy has been bothering him on and off for a few days. Mine too but to a lesser extent. Today my sinuses are bothering me. We’re still a mess.

We didn’t play last night. I just wanted a night of vegetating. Lion was okay with that but reminded me that he’s been horny. It wasn’t to bug me. I think he’s very happy to be horny again. I’m happy he’s horny again too. I just wish I had more energy to play with him.

Tonight, assuming he feels well enough, I’ll either use the Magic Wand or my mouth to see if I can’t get him to the edge. The other night didn’t go very well. It wasn’t after 10 as Lion said. I think it was just before 9:30. No matter. It may be a combination of things that sabotaged us. We’ll keep trying. I’m not ready to give him an orgasm yet. I don’t think he wants one yet.

He’ll continue to wear the cage for a while. It may be difficult to get on and off, but if it helps make him horny and edge-able, then it’s worth it. I’ll do anything to help him.