A Few Ideas

Lion complains that I leave stuff in the dish drainer. Ok. Now it is
his job to make sure it is empty. I see a red bottom in his future.

I am on the hunt for some new rules. I’d like at least two that Lion is sure break often. These would be along the lines of spilling food on his shirt or eating first. Then I need one that is more serious, like interrupting.

He’s been leaving the cabinet door open in the bathroom and I thought that might be one, but I seem to have a similar affliction. How would I know which one of us did it?

He gets frustrated with me because I don’t put away the utensils I’ve had to wash by hand. They sit in the dish drainer for days. I figure I put everything else away and I washed the damn things, so what if I didn’t go that extra mile to put them away. Maybe it should be his job. After all, he’s getting the coffee pot out of the dish drainer when he gets the coffee ready for the following day.

Admittedly, this is an inconsequential rule. That’s by design. I want him to break it so he gets swatted more often. This way we’ll stay in practice and not have to do maintenance spankings like we did last night.

I think we’ve decided that the softer punishments like mouth-soaping don’t mean much to Lion. In order to have an impact, no pun intended, he needs a spanking. Last night’s maintenance spanking lasted less than five minutes. Maybe the lesser offenses get fewer minutes. That seems fair to me. [Lion — Based on our experience, shorter spankings aren’t effective.]

So far that’s all I have. I think I’ll have to wait for him to do a big thing and then I’ll decide it would make a good rule. It was only after he kept interrupting me that I got so frustrated I made it a rule. There must be something he does that pisses me off. I’ll know it when I see it. So will he. [Lion — No more growls?]



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      He doesn’t leave it up. We’ve always closed the lid so nothing falls in.

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