Sending Lion Into Orbit

You might assume, from the title, that I put Icy Hot on Lion’s balls and that skyrocketed him out of the bed. Luckily for Lion, I did not. I haven’t used Icy Hot on him in quite a while. I didn’t even put the tiny, evil clothespins on him. I was very nice.

I thought Lion might enjoy a round with the Magic Wand. Boy did he! It got him very hard. As I used it, I watched the muscles in his legs. One muscle was twitching. Another bulged out like it does when he starts bucking. He did buck a little but I think I was going the right speed so he didn’t feel the need to help too much.

I can usually tell when Lion is close. It’s sometimes difficult to tell how close. Last night there was a very short window between close and too far. That’s okay. I’d decided to let him go all the way once he started to get close. I know. I know. I said I wanted to edge him until he was very horny. What can I say? I love giving Lion orgasms.

There wasn’t much semen production. There hasn’t been lately. I told him there wasn’t enough to share. I know he wasn’t disappointed. He hates when I feed it to him. We haven’t figured out if the semen production is a consequence of age or of the difficulties he’s had lately. One theory we debunked a while ago is that the hornier he is, the more semen he’ll produce. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Basically, it seems like a crapshoot. Sometimes he has a lot and other times not so much. I don’t tend to share it with him no matter how much there is and that’s just fine with him.

It should come as no surprise that Lion likes to come. When he has his slumps, like he’s had lately, I think he likes it even more. There should be fireworks going off. Hurray! He made it!

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  1. Low semen output? Has Lion had his prostate checked?

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