Zoned Out

I can’t explain it. I don’t think Lion was snoozing last night. We were watching TV and, yes, I was on my iPad. I can’t say what we were watching was particularly engrossing. As I recall, it was all repeats. But for some reason, I didn’t even attempt to snuggle or play with Lion. It wasn’t a conscious effort. I just zoned out.

It was after 9 when Lion asked if I was okay. I was. I know earlier in the day I thought I was getting a migraine, but it never developed. Maybe that’s what stopped me. I don’t have an answer. Later on, Lion asked me again if I was okay. I was. Obviously he’d noticed the lack of attention. He thought maybe I wasn’t feeling well. I thought I was okay. Maybe I wasn’t. Again, no idea.

I guess sometimes my brain just decides it’s time to go on autopilot. I’d made dinner. I’d made cookies. True, I’d forgotten about the cookies and almost burned them to a crisp, but that’s not unlike me. I was a functioning person for most of the day. So why zone out at night? I’m certain it had nothing to do with Lion. I wasn’t mad at him for anything. I wasn’t withholding sex for any reason. It was not deliberate. It was not an action. It was definitely inaction, which is also not unlike me.

We both slept late this morning. I know Lion has had trouble sleeping the past few nights so I’m sure it was a welcome change for him. I’m not aware that I’ve had trouble sleeping but, there I was, sleeping late too. I hope it helped both of us. Perhaps it will act as a reset button and we’ll play tonight.

I’ll make sure I give Lion the attention he needs. I might even get him to the edge.