Ouchy Fun

Our bad weather continues. Now that the snow is done, the wind follows. I hope we keep our power. We have a small generator and the necessary cables to run the lights and our refrigerator. We can also keep our satellite TV going. What with all of the work unpacking, Mrs. Lion hasn’t had time to set any of that up. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be in the middle of a windstorm on a snowy, cold night. I’m keeping my paws crossed that the weather will spare us.

I’m writing this in the afternoon just a little while after Mrs. Lion posted her latest. Last night, she managed to unearth the meanest paddle I’ve ever bought. It’s about an inch thick, and 12 inches long. The striking surface is 3 inches wide. This is really dense stuff. It should provide a very sizable thud. I used it when I was a top to great advantage. [Mrs. Lion – I’m pretty sure we bought it a few years ago.] Mrs. Lion hasn’t used it since 3.0 emerged. Even if she uses it for fun, I expect it will hurt to sit down tomorrow. (Psst: Mrs. Lion, I’m looking forward to that)

I’m not sure how other couples manage moving something that was part of play into a much more serious role. Of course, I’m thinking of spanking. Over time, we didn’t have much trouble transitioning from BDSM to domestic discipline. The issue comes up when we want to go the other way: Mrs. Lion wants to do play as well as disciplinary spankings. It’s not so much that I can’t understand the difference between recreation and punishment. It’s more that I can’t really think of anything else that could be used for such polar opposite reasons.

I’m not suggesting it’s impossible. I think it’s just a little confusing for me anyway. Actually, it could be a good thing from a disciplinary perspective. I’ve noticed that over the last few months I’ve felt less and less sexual excitement at the thought of being spanked. This corresponds to Mrs. Lion’s much more severe disciplinary spankings. If she reintroduces some BDSM spanking, it means that she will work hard to keep me sexually aroused when she spanks me. I know from past experience that this arousal will carryover into disciplinary situations as well. It will make me a much more willing sheep to be led to slaughter.

Even though I’m not broken anymore, my sexual batteries seem to be fairly low power. They need recharging. Play spanking, CBT, and other BDSM fun stand a very good chance of fixing the problem. Assuming we don’t blow away before we get a chance, I think Mrs. Lion is on the right track to recharge me.

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