Snuggling Inside While It Snows Outside

We’re heading inside to snuggle

I just looked out the window at work and saw nothing but white. The wind is picking up and tossing our wonderfully light snow around. This will make driving ever so much more fun. I grew up in New York so I know how to drive in snow. Once we moved from New York I looked forward to no longer driving in it though. I guess once or twice a year is doable. But I sort of wish it was as bad as last year so I could stay home with Lion.

Lion actually rolled over to snuggle with me last night. He said, as he was rolling, that he’s never done it because it hurts his shoulder. He stayed that way until I asked if he wanted to roll back over for some attention. He did! Surprise. Surprise.

The first attention I gave him was some ball swats. He started to think twice about rolling over. When he winced I told him his balls were as wimpy as his butt. They need to be toughened up again. I don’t swat his balls as much as I used to. I don’t have any reason for it. I guess I forget I can. I’ll work on remembering.

Once I was done with his balls, I played with my weenie. He wasn’t as excited about the balls being swatted as usual. Most of the time, when I whomp the boys, my weenie gets hard and gives away the secret that Lion actually likes having his balls swatted. Not last night. My weenie wasn’t completely limp. He just wasn’t as hard as I would have liked. I fixed that though.

After a few minutes of coaxing, my weenie was ready. I’m not sure how long we were at it but eventually, Lion hit his plateau. It feels good. There’s just no way he’ll get any further. I bet I could have enticed him orally, but we decided to stop and hold hands while we watched TV.

Tonight we’ll try again while the snow falls outside. I think we’re in for a week of fairly continuous light snowfall. That’s perfect for snuggling.


  1. Snuggling is nice – when it’s nice and stormy outside, and warm and soft inside, sometime the sexual part isn’t even that important.


    1. Contrary to what I sometimes say, I truly love it when we are close. The sex is nice too. 🙂

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