Dropping the Ball

We watched another football game last night so we didn’t play. It was late and I figured Lion was tired from making a yummy batch of stew. It made the house smell so good. Ironically, when I came out of the shower, Lion was watching Shark Tank and there was a product that helps couples with sex.

The concept is that there are two buttons. If you’d like sex, you push your button. If your partner would like sex, he or she pushes the other button. If both buttons are pushed it turns green and you know you’re both good to go. I laughed. For one thing, Lion is usually always ready to go. For another, why can’t you just ask your partner? Lion thought it was a good idea although he figured I’d never push it.

It’s true. I’d never push it for me, but I would push it to let Lion know I was willing to give him attention. I’m still not sure a button is required. I could just say “ya wanna?” and Lion would say “Hell yes!” and off we’d go.

The scenario the inventors gave was that the husband was working on his laptop in bed because he assumed the wife was too tired from her day, and the wife assumed it would take too much effort to drag the husband off his laptop, so no nookie tonight. If they had this magical button, they’d know from the green light that they had the green light for nookie.

It was also billed as a way to avoid being denied. In other words, if I push my button and Lion doesn’t (fat chance!) then I don’t have to stick my neck out to initiate, only to have him say no. Maybe this would help Lion’s inability to initiate. On the other hand, he doesn’t need it because he’s not supposed to initiate. Or so he says. I wouldn’t mind if he rolled over to snuggle with me sometimes. And, yes, I’d see that as a prelude to sex.

Anyway, the point is that I assumed it was too late last night and that he was tired. If we had the buttons, I would have known if he was looking for action. As well as we think we communicate, we still drop the ball a lot. Not unlike those football players we were watching last night.