TV Sex

Lion loves to watch “Everybody Loves Raymond”. In one of the episodes, Ray wanted sex and his wife ran out of “the stuff”. The assumption is that it was spermicide. She told him that he couldn’t have sex unless he wanted more kids. They decided he would get “the things” (condoms) so she wouldn’t be the only one responsible for birth control. Hilarity ensued and they wound up without “the things” so they couldn’t have sex anyway.

A lot of the episodes revolve around Raymond wanting sex. He makes it seem like he’s sex-starved. She makes it seem like he gets the “normal” amount. I think it probably represents the average couple. The guy “always” wants sex and the wife is tired or thinks she gives in more often than she’d like.

I think I’m in the same boat as Raymond’s wife. Sometimes I’m annoyed that it seems like all Lion thinks about is sex. When he asks to snuggle, I’m pretty sure that’s code for sex. We rarely snuggle anymore when it’s not a prelude to sex. Lion will disagree. He’ll say there are many times he just wants to snuggle. But I feel a certain amount of pressure to give him sex.

The thing is, I think I have this reaction every time I see episodes of this show that involve sex or lack thereof. Maybe it just bothers me that men think they don’t get enough sex. Yes, I know it’s a TV show. But if it wasn’t a real thing, they wouldn’t be making fun of it on TV.

Anyway, I was thinking about this when Lion announced he was horny last night and threw the blankets off. Was he expecting me to snap to attention? Maybe, because when I didn’t show much interest he grumbled and went back under the covers. When I finally decided to play with him, he said he wasn’t sure why he wasn’t responding. Maybe it was the late hour. Hint, hint.

I thought maybe I had the cure. I started sucking him. The good news is that Lion is no longer broken. I knew he wasn’t. He was able to get and maintain an erection. And it wasn’t long before he was on his way to an orgasm. I considered just edging him but it’s sometimes difficult doing it orally, especially when he’s been in a slump. Things can go from 0-60 in no time. Plus, I wanted him to have his first orgasm of the year before the year got any older. He’s been keeping me waiting too, you know.

Lion said it was a twenty-day wait. His longest wait is 28 days. That was a worse wait because he was interested most of the time. This wait was interrupted by illness so it wasn’t on his mind as much. But now, hopefully, we’re back on track. Fingers crossed.