Semi Flu

People at work have been dropping like flies with the flu. Lion and I don’t feel well but we don’t feel horrible either. I’m wondering if I brought home the flu but our flu shots are keeping the worst of it at bay. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I hope whatever we have goes away soon.

purple butt toy
This is the purple butt toy Lion ordered. Looks uncomfortable.

In the meantime, I walked into the bathroom last night and found two “interesting” looking dildos on the counter. Bright purple, weirdly shaped dildos. One looks like a Christmas tree or like little balls arranged in the shape of a tree. The other, to me, looks like a dragon cock. Nope. I’ve never seen a dragon cock, but it looks like something a dragon would have. It’s sort of scaly-looking.

purple dragon's penis dildo
This is what I imagine a dragon’s penis looks like. Lion apparently wants me to peg him with it.

Obviously, we won’t be trying this tonight. We’ve decided to take a few days off till we can muster the energy to do anything other than the bare necessities. I’m not even sure how these two dildos fit in with the overall scheme of anal play we’ve been doing lately. I suppose the tree can be used as an expander. I doubt Lion will be able to take much of it yet, especially since we’ll essentially be starting over again. The dragon is more of a normal dildo shape. It’s curved though.

I’m not saying we can’t have fun with them. Even if we are training for the fisting Olympics, we can always have fun with other anal equipment. I’m not sure Lion ever thinks of dildos or butt plugs as fun. It’s something he wants to do. It just doesn’t rise to the level of fun in Lion’s mind. Of course, it is training. Who likes training? It’s a lot of work.

Lion still thinks he’s broken. I think he’s got the semi-flu and has probably had it for some time. Not feeling well can throw anyone off. He’ll be good as new in a few days. Patience, my pet. We’ll snuggle together and get better.